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Comment Build your own (Score 1) 675

Well, back to building hackintoshes I guess.

It's the OS that has me sold, the hardware has been nice but I entered the Apple ecosystem by way of building my own computers I guess when my current MacBook pro starts showing signs of age I'll go back that direction. That is unless someone at apple gets fired and a new lineup of decent machines materializes.

Comment Toggle switch for Cydia in iOS (Score 1) 508

Stock iOS should have a toggle switch to enable Cydia. All those amazing people who spend their time finding security holes to enabled jailbreaking could then focus on making the OS better. I hate that in order to use my iPhone the way i want i have to depend on a security hole being found.

Comment simple encrypted dmg file saved in dropbox (Score 1) 445

the way i do it is i create a small DMG file, turn on good encryption and save it in Dropbox. Put a simple text file in there. done. Just eject it when you're done and make sure to not store the password in your keychain. OS X only, but if you need in you can get into DMGs with 7-ZIp on Windows or just mount it under linux.

Comment Re: Windows 2.0 also sucked (Score 1) 616

WordPerfect didn't botch the transition to a graphical interface, Microsoft held back access to the API's in Windows 3.1 from the competition until Word 6 was finished leaving WordPerfect and Lotus 123 a year behind them.

As the dude might say,
"No, you're not wrong (microsoft), you're just an asshole!"

Comment Samsung Chromebook (Score 3, Informative) 263

I just picked up a Chromebook yesterday and am fast at work getting Ubuntu running on it. It's a great little machine, fast, light, great battery, cheap as heck. It's perfect for just getting online fast.

These things are going to really slice away at the low cost PC market which in turn will take a real dig at Windows. When I see the market share numbers for where Windows is at I see most of it as just people picking up the cheapest thing they can find to get online. These Chromebooks are perfect for that and undercut the price by a huge amount. This Samsung was $215 from Best Buy. All the Windows 8 machines they had there were several hundred dollars more.

Comment Kingston drives are junk (Score 1) 510

About a year ago I had a new vendor ship about twenty computers to my company. They were supposed to contain Intel SSD's but instead contained Kingston drives. All of those drives failed within a year. As they fail I have been swapping them out with Intel drives and they just chug along nicely after that. I even took one of the RMA'ed Kingston drives and put it in my laptop to see how it did. It made it four months and failed just last week.

Here's what that failure looked like. It started off where the aystem would just freeze up for a couple of seconds about once a day or so. After a week that started happening more like once an hour, but the system would always come to life again, it would just pause for 10 seconds or so. Then after about another week it started hanging completely. First once a day, then several times a day requiring holding the power button down and restarting the system. Then I RMA'ed it.

The original drive was a kingston ssdnow 100, and lasted 11 months, the replacement was a ssdnow v200, it lasted 4 months. They just shipped me a replacement today, we'll see. It may go straight on ebay!

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