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Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 341

You are the retard. Stop listening to Ron Paul. The Constitution does define rights. However, it is impractical for it to define every possible circumstance for the use of these rights. That is what the Supreme Court is for, which is considered the LAW and the current interpretation of the Constitution. Yelling "FIRE!" in a theater is not protected speech. Neither is Treason, nor Inciting a Riot. Go back and study harder for your GED in law. You are an idiot. (Which that is by the way a protected form of MY speech...).

Comment I actually like Comcast... (Score 1) 195

I really don't see what the fuss about Comcast is. They are definitely the best for the money around here. I get 75 mbps down and 15 up with 4 phone lines and commercial TV for my business for around $300/ month. Nothing else comes close for that cost for commercial service. At&t would charge twice that for crappy 3mbps dsl with 4 phone lines, and then charge long distance on top of that. The only time Comcast service has gone down in the past year was when a tornado and storms ripped through our neighborhood and even then it was back online within 2 hours. Comcast has doubled my Internet speed at home and business at no extra charge during the past year. My sales rep even told me about new rates and encouraged me to get the new priced packages that provide faster speed at cheaper cost, and to inform my clients of such as well. They added HBO and Starz at my house for no additional charge for two years for being a good customer. They recently sent me a letter to inform me I was eligible for 100 mbps service at my home for the same price I previously was paying for 50 and I needed to call to get the new package for the same price. I have never heard about anything even close to that from other carriers. At&t would still charge $500/month for 3mbps awful sdsl if you didn't renegotiate. Comcast on-demand works quite well also. Maybe I am just lucky or in a good area. Most of the problems with service I have seen are due to bad cabling, like the customer using homemade ghetto rigged screw on coax ends and splitters from Walmart to terminate the cable, or trying to get a solid signal over RG58 in instead of RG6. Comcast is actually pretty good comparered to BoA or AT&T, Sprint, or a dozen other companies, for me at least. I really don't understand the hate.

Comment a fake pub with fake patrons (Score 1) 118

a 'pub' where they rub ethanol around the glass to convince the patron there is a real drink they are served.. where you may or may not get any alcohol in the drink you ordered... where patrons are metered to make sure they dont drink over their legal driving limit... a place the customers dont even know they may be part of an experiment, and on top of that they wont even play the soccer game on the tv. Sounds like a violation of alcohol ordinances and pub regulations to me. I really am glad i dont go there. we always sought out the places with the most potent drinks when we were bar hopping.

Comment Re: What is the best way to buy some in bulk? (Score 5, Informative) 944

I bought an adapter to allow the two prong style fixtures to accept a screw-in traditional bulb. look for a gu24 to e26 adapter. I bought some for about $2 each from a huge online retailer. They work great for adapting to the common screw bulbs until the new style is more available.

Comment Re:Nice! (Score 1, Interesting) 240

I remember when food assistance programs meant you got your monthly allotment of government welfare cheese and other staples delivered to your door. im all for taking it back to that time. The 'modern' method of distributing benefits definitely opens the way to fraud, especially when you can get cash from the ebt card at casinos. It has made fraud so easy now many of the benefits are not going to their intended purpose. However, there are not too many crack dealers that will trade a block of cheese for drugs. That is the way it should be. Keep the benefits, just change the method of delivery. i think that would help more than anything. im tired of working hard to fund some other's drug or gambling habit with this kind of abuse.

Comment Re:brought down by RADAR? (Score 3, Funny) 481

As an avid follower of the x-files (at least until that awful final movie), i believe i have some expertise that can clarify this further. The alien craft do indeed manipulate the magnetic fields. However naturally magnetic materials can make this technology malfunction. The reason they crashed into the roswell desert is due to the high concentration of magnetite in the area that caused their guidance systems to go haywire. This magnetite concentration is also the reason ancient civilizations such as the Anasazi built villages among the hills in these parts, and why the illuminati have started creating modern villages in these parts to live when the new world order arrives. This magnetite rich environment protects any inhabitants from the powers an alien civilization uses to control humans, and is the only hope for human civilization to survive. The hybrid alien/human species will take over every other area of the planet, but those who live in the desert with the magnetite will survive and be able to repopulate the planet.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Western Digital Controlling Your Media (informationweek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Western Digital is hitting new ground with some web file sharing software built into their latest NAS devices, but side with Hollywood and do not allow potentially copyright infringing file formats to be shared over the internet. Anyone see a backlash on the way?

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