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Comment Re: How Do You Stay Fit At Work? (Score 1) 635

1) go for a walk. If you do fast/slow/fast/slow... interval walking you can get a good workout in a short time. Do you have a private spot you can do some exercises? If so... Alternating weight-bearing with cardio exercises in short bursts. Do 5 minutes an hour and by the end of the day you've done 30+ minutes of workout: 2) Squats in different varieties. With no weight you want to do fairly high reps. If you have a medicine ball (just a couple of pounds will make a difference), you can add that when you're ready. Just make sure you're sticking your butt out and don't let your knees come out too far over your toes, and tighten up your abs. Work up to 40 in a row. You can vary this by raising your arms a bit when you squat (balance), touching the ground at the bottom of the move, etc. 3) Jumping jacks. 4) Lunges. I like to lunge back, rather than forward, easier on the knees. 5) Toe touches. Keep your legs straight and don't go too fast. This is cardio + core. 6) Push ups. Keep your core tight!! 7) Groiners. Get into a push up starting position, then put one foot up by your hand (on the outside), then switch legs. Do this for 30 seconds and you'll be breathing hard! 8) Bicycle crunches 9) Burpees with or without a pushup. Start in pushup position. Do the pushup (if you're doing them), then jump legs up to about a foot behind your hands, jump up. Then reverse. Start with a few and work up to a minute. Great all around exercise. 10) Stretching to finish up.

Comment Nutrition? I think not... (Score 1) 813

Improved hygiene and medical inventions, yes. Nutrition? No way! Our nutrition has taken a nosedive since post-world war II. Medical intervention in things like diabetes and cancer will eventually start losing that battle unless we 1) clean up the environment so we're exposed to fewer toxins, and 2) clean up our food system so we get real nutrition instead of the fake crap most people eat these days. Otherwise, I suspect our average lifespans will start to drop. And the "47 years" often quoted is primarily due to infant death. If you could get past being an infant, and get past childbirth (as a woman), then you had a pretty good chance to live a long life pre-100 years ago. So remove those two factors from the calculations and our lifespans haven't improved as significantly as everyone likes to say.

Comment JavaScript tokens (Score 1) 90

"In the text, JavaScript tokens are not distinguished from English words in any manner (such as a monospace font or bolding), which can trip up the reader." We did try to change the font of all the JavaScript tokens that are mixed in with the main text (so they are in a code-like font), so I'm not sure why Michael didn't notice that; perhaps it didn't come through in the PDF? Or we missed a few? If you notice them, please do submit errata (*much* appreciated). Thanks...

Comment Re:Quality available online or off (Score 1) 90

Yeah finding bugs in books after they go to print is a real bummer for the author, believe me. Now that people are moving more to eBooks and PDF that will be easier to resolve since they can get fairly quick updates with fixes. And Head First is particularly difficult to edit because they are designed and made in In Design, which makes things like spell checking much more difficult; in fact editing those books is a monumental task. Not trying excuse the errors, but just pointing out it's hard to make an error free book. Fortunately, these types of errors are easy to fix so they'll all be fixed for the next printing. And thanks to Michael Ross for the errata! I've fixed a bunch this afternoon.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 90

We really focused the book on the parts of HTML5 that are mostly or fully baked at this point. Obviously, if things change drastically, we'll update the book. All of the examples work on all the most recent versions of the major browsers, with a few caveats that are noted in the book. The book only covers the new elements video and canvas, and we'll address other HTML5 elements in the 2nd edition of Head First HTML.

Comment Re:Honest question (Score 1) 90

This book is available in PDF, so you can transfer to your device and read that way (although admittedly, the Head First format doesn't work that well on smaller screens). That said, this book is designed for learners to read through, in order, and follow along with the exercises, etc. It's NOT a reference book. So that makes it work better in print than digitally. I agree with you; for a reference book, nothing beats digital.

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