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Submission + - Is "Tsahal" involved in mitigation of Protonmail DDoS attack ?

elhefe38 writes: In the aftermath of Protonmail's recovery after a significant DDoS attack, an intriguing fact has been pointed out by The new route to now passes through a suspicious IP adress belonging to an Israeli company involved in developements for the army. A swiss newspaper also reported (in French only) that one of the company (Radware) that helped mitigating the DDoS has a partnership with another company based in Tel-Aviv.

Comment Re:Can't agree more (Score 3, Insightful) 1651

But if you get hit by a car, a cm of Styrofoam is not going to make much of a difference. And I say this as someone who wears a helmet mountain biking and takes it off on the bike lanes.

I know at least 5 cases where this cm of styrofoam *made* a difference between a light injury and a very severe one. The latest case did not involved a car at all. I guess you will find out you are wrong the hard way, although I do not wish that to you...


Game Development On Android 211

Gamasutra is running an article about the state of game development on Android. The author explains some of the strengths and weaknesses of the platform, and makes comparisons to development on the iPhone. Quoting: "While iPhone apps are written in Objective C, the Android SDK uses relatively more programmer-friendly Java. The iPhone store charges developers $99 a year to distribute their apps, while Android has a one-time $25 fee for developers. And the review process for iPhone apps grows increasingly lengthy — sometimes weeks or more — and it's somewhat arcane. Android apps go live as soon as the developer hits the publish button. Google handles the review process post-hoc, and is much more lax in terms of content. ... For now, if a developer decides to implement a game exclusively for a particular smartphone platform, and the choice is between the iPhone and Android, the tradeoff is between trying to get noticed in an incredibly crowded and competitive market where the potential payoff is huge for those at the top, or entering a market with low barriers, little competition, currently low returns, but the possibility of potential growth."

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