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Comment It could be said the Goal of Open Source... (Score 4, Interesting) 530

... is to cost IT jobs.

The whole point is so that you don't need to re-invent the wheel as much, because you can extend what you have been given instead. That any value any programmer gives to open source is available to all, not just the one company who paid the programmer. Less work to do is going to mean less jobs to do it.

Is this a bad thing? Hell No. Every time a job has been taken to benefit efficiency its gone hand in hand with higher quality of life across the board. Its bad for the individuals who don't or can't re-skill, but of benefit to society as a whole.

Quite frankly I feel that some of the software stack, from the core OS to the most common work programs, should be funded as open-source by governments. Its no different really than public roads. The government doesn't fund trucks, but it does fund the common infrastructure the trucks use. I don't think governments should fund games or media centers, but it would make sense to fund the OS and Office Suite.

Comment Re:Clueless haters... (Score 4, Informative) 432

I think you may need to provide some links to back the idea its about the icons as well. I'm looking at

more specifically the screenshot

* A sunflower for the 'photos' app

I don't even see a sunflower or flower of any type.

* A white cartoon bubble with a green background for SMS

The sms icon isn't green and doesn't have a cartoon bubble.

* A calendar icon with a red bar on top, and black text showing the current day

Its green, and that said it looks like a day planner calendar. Yes, this is similar but at some point you have to say "What else would look like a calendar and fit on an icon?" If the answer is only two or three things patenting one of them is absurd.

* An envelope icon against a cloudy sky

well, envelopes for email existed long before the iPhone. I don't see clouds or sky either in the email icons.

* A notebook with a brown binding on top

I'll give you this one... but again how many ways can you represent a 'note pad'.

So all in all we have one copied icon out of your list. I don't think your claim this is about the icons has merit given what I've been able to find. Obviously if you have some other links I'd be keen to see them and review my position.

Comment Re:Response from David Stone @ Qt (Score 1) 193

I used to work at Trolltech, and one of the strengths (at least back in 2002-2005) was how close development was to support. When I started devs had to spend one day a week doing support. It meant you got direct feedback from the people who used your code about what was the major areas that needed fixing, and trust me, you need at least some of that to avoid becoming an ivory tower, feeding that even via one support person muddies the view. Even when dev no longer did support directly when I was there I still kept an eye on the longer email chains to see if I needed to be more directly involved, to the point of initiating a teleconference with a customer in one instance.

Now support isn't even in the same company.

Now I'm outside the company, and I find that even before this announcement some of the trickier support issues just get ignored. I can't give too many specifics as I'm working for a commercial project, but I've done maybe 60K AUD billed hours of work on Qt that hasn't gone back into Nokia and doesn't even give feedback onto why I needed to to so anymore just because of how ignored I found even the fixes I provided were treated. Thats patches for bugs folks.

Now support isn't even in the same company. Yes, worth repeating.

So explain how Digia can give "Top Service" when they have to themselves negotiate to get any fixes they do into Qt. When they by definition don't employ the people who are developing the current features. Sure, they can re-read the documentation... but thats only the support that gets you started, I wouldn't call that "Top Service".

The very fact that there is now an additional layer between Qt support and Qt Development is going to affect developing Qt. I can tell you though as an existing commercial licensee I do not find support a reason to renew my license with Digia, not in the slightest.


Submission + - Hosting Constitution?

elhedran writes: Just as the GPL has proved to be the heart of Free Software, perhaps its time for an equivalent for online hosting. I've heard many complaints about online hosting services, mostly in regards to privacy and interoperability. But what I haven't heard is an equivalent mark for online hosting as the GPL is for software. The idea then is to create a sort of constitution, trade marked by the FSF or a like organisation, so that one can quickly tell if they are subscribing to a site that shares the ideals that are required to be a socially responsible entity.

The key elements seem to be Binding, Stable, Transparent, and Fungible. Binding and Stable I hope should be fairly obvious. Changes to the constitution should be difficult and rare, otherwise it won't have any more value than the most privacy policies. Transparent in that it should be fairly simple to see what the user is agreeing too. Yes, my friends are in, but I should be able to quickly tell who else will be able to access my information. The last one is difficult, bandwidth and servers cost money, hence to compete with the existing commercial entities, there has to be some business model that will cover costs provide an incentive to run the entity.

I am not a lawyer, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time creating such a constitution. However as a start:

* If the hosting entity no longer subscribes to the constitution it can no longer share data it hosts under the constitution with any other entities for any other purpose, and with in a fixed period (discuss) delete that data unless the user who owns it explicitly opts into the new service.
* Any entity the user shares data with must be explicitly opted into, not opt out. That is to say if the user already agrees to share data with advertisers also adhering to this constitution, and an advertiser who does not adhere signs up, the entity cannot share any data with the new advertiser until the user explicitly opts into sharing data with the advertiser.
* Any entity accessing the data must be verified (e.g. via ssl etc)
* Any protocols for accessing the data must be both open and implemented using Free Software.

I figure this should still allow advertising as is on existing services. Hence you might offer to share your hobby information with advertises (targeted advertising is sometimes good) or not. But it would be your choice and the service would have an incentive to provide value for that information. However it hopefully should prevent having your phone numbers which you thought were only to your friends (and hence people who trust outside the constitution) without risking one day waking up to find it has also been given to

It also aims to make sure that Free Software client can be written to work with the service and compete on even ground with the services own offerings. Yes, that makes advertising harder, but lets face it, having your data locked away out of reach can be just as bad as having it flung over the whole net.

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