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Submission + - Stop forwarding those stupid e-mails (

elhaf writes: "Somehow, even in this day and age, there are people who don't know not to forward those Bill Gates e-mails, believe it or not. I just got one, so I created a post describing why forwarding any e-mail is a security risk. Feel free to use it on your dottering aunt, as well."

Submission + - Is there any reason to report spammers to ISP's?

marko_ramius writes: For years I've been a good netizen and reported spam that I get to the appropriate contacts at ISP's. In the entire time that I've done this I've gotten (maybe) 5 or 6 responses from those ISP's informing me that they have taken action against the spammer.

In recent years, however, I haven't gotten any responses.

Are the ISP's so overwhelmed with abuse reports to respond to ANYBODY that reports spam? Do they even bother acting on the reports?

Is there any real reason to report spammers?

Submission + - I am the bad boss!! what now?!?

Anonymous writes: I'm an IT manager since almost 2 years now and out of no-where (maybe arrogance), I decided to do a 360 feedback (using one of those websites). Employees were able to answer anonymously and, now I'm sure, didn't hold on anything on their mind. Turned out I'm not very good; pretty much very bad. As suggested, I'm one of those managers who got promoted due to "technical prowess" in my previous position. And in all honesty, although I like the job (well, before I did...), I didn't sign up for this (people who hates you and goes bad mouthing about you — not that they're not right, just that I don't want to be known like that). What should I do now? You guys saw anyone in that same position (maybe you?) and actually turned it over and became a good boss?
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Development Walkthrough for Cell Phones

elhaf writes: "This post gives a complete walkthrough for getting started in Java cell phone development for your Sony Ericsson non-smartphone cell, on the Cingular network. It gives troubleshooting tips and a concise step-by-step guide to getting started developing for these phones. The SDK includes a cell-phone emulator that runs on the PC which is cool, so you don't even need the actual phone to get started. There's a picture of the emulator running at the top of the article."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wireless net neutrality

313373_bot writes: The article raises an interesting issue, since people seem to tolerate much more corporate abuse and restrictions when services (such as cellular phone and now net access) are perceived as a "luxury" instead of as a basic necessity (such as, for instance, plain old telephonic service.) .html

Submission + - P = NP Finally Proved?

Yosi writes: Ashay Dharwadker claims to have proved that P = NP. In a paper he publishes on his website he claims to have found a polynomial algorithm for finding maximal independent sets in a graph and provides actual source code implementation of the proposed algorithm. If this is indeed true, I guess a lot of professors will start looking for a new job.

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