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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 157

AFAICT, the MMU cache isn't exposed, it's just using the same cache hardware on-chip, and you can time how long it takes to access certain things to figure out what's currently mapped into the cache (there are orders of magnitude difference in speeds for main memory vs cache, so even if you have no idea what's *in* cache, you can figure out where it's from). Also, breaking ASLR tells you *where* to read, but it shouldn't be able to tell you what's there without additional exploits being available.

Comment Re:"We want to make the best Mac in the world" (Score 1) 337

Thankfully my professional grade MacBook Pro docks with my professional grade Thunderbolt Display in the location I most frequently use a network port and would otherwise be port limited, and the display has a dedicated ethernet port. Everywhere else, I have my dongle, and really, I've used it at most 10 times in 2 years.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

They may be medieval lunatics, but they seem pretty serious about enforcing a consistent (if deeply regressive) version of sharia, and in their eyes it's better to be a dhimmi than an apostate, and the reports I've read suggest they consider any Muslims who disagree with them to be apostates. I definitely wouldn't use the term "beneficence" to describe them (even relatively speaking).

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