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Comment It's true (Score 1) 509

I just picked up an 11" MBA this past weekend, and the battery life is pretty impressive. I resisted installing flash for several days, just to experience life without it. Unfortunately, many if not most multimedia content that you might want to see on the web appears to be only available in flash format, so I broke down and installed it. Flash does seem to run the battery down faster than without, though not as bad as trying to run a game (find an outlet for that!), so I am going to try Click2Flash...

Comment Humble Indy Bundle (Score 1) 74

Got my Humble Indy Bundle just the other day... it was off my radar for some reason, but a fellow game developer pointed it out to me. I was impressed with not just the collection of games, but the pay-what-you-want system that allows you to split your contribution between the developers and a couple of charities in whatever ratio you wish. On top of that, the games are pretty fun. I am really enjoying World of Goo! Glad to see that the developers are open-sourcing their code, and hopefully inspiring some other young developers to take a look at the code and try their hand at the fun and rewarding world of game development.

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