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Open Source

Linux Kernel 2.6.32 Released 195

diegocg writes "Linus Torvalds has officially released the version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. New features include virtualization memory de-duplication, a rewrite of the writeback code faster and more scalable, many important Btrfs improvements and speedups, ATI R600/R700 3D and KMS support and other graphic improvements, a CFQ low latency mode, tracing improvements including a 'perf timechart' tool that tries to be a better bootchart, soft limits in the memory controller, support for the S+Core architecture, support for Intel Moorestown and its new firmware interface, run-time power management support, and many other improvements and new drivers. See the full changelog for more details."

Submission + - The Unauthorized State-Owned Chinese Disneyland

rmnoon writes: "Apparently Japanese TV and bloggers have just discovered Disney's theme park in China, where young children can be part of the Magic Kingdom and interact with their favorite characters (like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the Seven Dwarfs). The park's slogan is "Because Disneyland is Too Far", and there's even an Epcot-like dome. The only problem? Disney didn't build it, and they didn't authorize it. What's more? It's state-owned!

Now that China is hosting the Olympics and seeking to build international credibility, what responsibility does it have to not engage in blatant violations of international trademarks in publicly-owned operations?"

Submission + - Five online video editors reviewed

prostoalex writes: "ExtremeTech reviews five online video editors: EyeSpot, Cuts, JumpCut, MotionBox, and One True Media. Their conclusion? "Jumpcut offers the strongest editing and enhancing tools of the services we tested for this roundup. Unfortunately, it's still in beta, and we ran into some uploading difficulties." EyeSpot wins the format wars with support for ASF, AVI, DivX, DV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, RM, WMV, 3GP, and 3G2."

Submission + - Refusing Vista EULA?

Sasayaki writes: "I recently purchased a Compaq Presario C500 notebook in Brisbane, Australia which came bundled with Microsoft Windows Vista. However, I wish to install Ubuntu as my Operating System. To that end I wish to reject the Windows Vista EULA which is presented to me when I turn on said notebook, yet I find there is no way for me to do so; when the EULA is displayed to me in the "Set Up Windows" stage of installation, I am presented with what I interpret to be a standard Vista EULA and then a second HP EULA. There is no obvious way to refuse either of these license terms; the only options I am presented with are two checkboxes (one for each EULA) and a greyed out button labelled 'Next'. The two checkboxes read: "I accept the license terms (required to use Windows)" and "I accept the license terms (required to use your computer)". Reading the second (HP specific) EULA carefully, it makes it clear that I cannot use this laptop without agreeing to the Vista EULA. Specifically, ".... YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS EULA. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE LICENSE TERMS, YOUR SOLE REMEDY IS TO RETURN THE ENTIRE UNUSED PRODUCT (HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE) WITHIN 14 DAYS FOR A REFUND SUBJECT TO THE REFUND POLICY OF YOUR PLACE OF PURCHASE." Naturally (since I still have the notebook) I still have not accepted the terms of the EULA. I crawled Microsoft's website at, searching for some recourse for myself and those like me who wish to reject the EULA and receive a refund on the Microsoft Vista Operating System when I do not agree to the EULA's conditions, but did not find anything (unsurprisingly). Can any slashdotters offer any suggestions where I might go to receive said refund?"
The Internet

Submission + - The top eight corporate sites in Second Life

Stony Stevenson writes: Computerworld is running an article on the top 8 corporate websites in Second Life and why they're worth visiting.

From the article:

6. Cisco Systems

"IT pros definitely fawn all over Cisco Systems. This well-populated island showcases its products in a cleanly designed "connected home" of the future — although it's a little heavy on marketing.

The real draw, though, are the company-sponsored user group meetings with keynote speakers such as John Chambers, Cisco's CEO, and Tom Malone, an MIT luminary. Second Lifers apparently formed the first groups autonomously and asked for Cisco sponsorship after the group swelled in numbers.

Submission + - Why Apple Should Acquire AMD

Ice Wewe writes: This CoolTech article explains why Apple may be looking at AMD as a possible acquisition in the future. From the article:

"...Apple could drop Intel altogether and adopt AMD for its Macintosh PCs. Sure, the transition is going to take sometime, and it would probably make Apple announce a brand new line of PCs. However, it will be well worth it. We know Steve Jobs is ruthless when it comes to making interesting deals with powerful companies. This makes AMD a perfect match."

"...Another benefit that Apple will reap out of this (other than adding another revenue stream) is to have complete control over its hardware from a cost standpoint. If it can convert Macs to AMD and ATI chips, all the key components are being developed in-house."

Submission + - Homeland Security Classifies TRON as "Sensitiv

Tiago writes: Just came across this story on Kuro5hin. In short the DHS classified the movie Tron as sensitive because it contains some footage of a nuclear reactor on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Quoting the article: "TRON is a science fiction film that takes place within a computer's circuits. Protagonist Kevin Flynn is pulled into the computer via laser by the malevolent Master Control Program. However, official concern reportedly centers around a portion of the movie's live-action sequence which was filmed at Shiva, a nuclear fusion research facility created at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."

Submission + - Google's Evil NDA

An anonymous reader writes: Google claims that it's motto is "Do No Evil" — but they sure have an evil NDA! In order to be considered for employment there, they require you to sign an agreement which forbids you to "mention or imply the name of Google" in public ever again. Further, you can't tell anyone you interviewed there, or what they offered you, and you possibly sign away your rights to reverse engineer any of Google's code ever. And this NDA never expires. Luckily, someone has posted the contents of the NDA before he signed it and had to say silent forever.
Data Storage

Submission + - Massive Data Storage Robot - New Superlow Price

Anonymous writes: "Now you can easily store terabytes of info — for much less. The Drobo is a new foxy black cube that offers massive compact storage. And now the Drobo's price are being slashed. Data Robotics, the manufacturer of the Drobo, has announced that the cube's price is being cut from $699 to $499. And, in an additonal move, the company announced it would issue rebate checks to anyone who already bought a Drobo above $499."
Censorship Attempts To Suppress HD-DVD Revolt 1142

fieryprophet writes "An astonishing number of stories related to HD-DVD encryption keys have gone missing in action from, in many cases along with the account of the diggers who submitted them. Diggers are in open revolt against the moderators and are retaliating in clever and inventive ways. At one point, the entire front page comprised only stories that in one way or another were related to the hex number. Digg users quickly pointed to the HD DVD sponsorship of Diggnation, the Digg podcast show. Search digg for HD-DVD song lyrics, coffee mugs, shirts, and more for a small taste of the rebellion." Search Google for a broader picture; at this writing, about 283,000 pages contain the number with hyphens, and just under 10,000 without hyphens. There's a song. Several domain names including variations of the number have been reserved. Update: 05/02 05:44 GMT by J : New blog post from Kevin Rose of Digg to its users: "We hear you."

Music Decoded From 600-Year-Old Carvings 243

RulerOf writes "Musicians recently unlocked a 600 year old mystery that had been encoded into the walls of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, the one featured in The Da Vinci Code. The song was carved into the walls of the chapel in the form of geometric shapes that a father-son team — both are musicians and the father is an ex-Royal Air Force code breaker — finally matched to so-called Chladni patterns (see the Wikipedia article on cymatics). The recovered melody was paired with traditional lyrics (translated into Latin) and recorded; the result can be heard in this video (also linked from the musicians' website). The video also gives a visual representation of how the engravings match up to the cymatic patterns." From the Reuters article: "'The music has been frozen in time by symbolism... [The carvings] are of such exquisite detail and so beautiful that we thought there must be a message here.' The two men matched each of the patterns on the carved cubes to a Chladni pitch, and were able finally to unlock the melody."

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