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Comment Apple unlikely to make iPhone available to others (Score 3, Informative) 237

I would personally like to see the iPhone available on other carriers, but at least for now this doesn't look likely as Tim Cook has stated that he is happy staying with AT&T and GSM technology:

Comment Give this show a chance - it's worth it (Score 2, Informative) 451

To provide some context I've been a long time sci fi viewer like many of you. I enjoyed the original series but was never a fanboy about it. However, I became somewhat put off when it appeared Moore rebuffed Hatch's attempt to revive the show because he wanted to pursue his own revisioning of the series. I was also a fan of Farscape and wasn't thrilled about how that series demise was handled. However, the ads looked good and I checked out the miniseries. While I have some reservations about small nit-picky things I think it's one of the best sci fi series I've seen in a long time. I *may* have already checked out a few of the episodes as well via the use of time travel. *cough* They're even better than the miniseries. The series has an intensity and sense of urgency and drama that I've found lacking in other series. This may be my preference for more "hard" sci fi which must sound laughable to those of you who remember the original series. Give it a chance - I think most of you will be happy you did!

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