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Comment Re:AT&T sells one (Score 1) 83

Well, the AT&T femtocell only allows registered cellphones on it, so the issue about bad connection or eavesdropping is irrelevant.

It only allows AT&T registered numbers on it. It doesn't care who those numbers belong to, as long as they're with AT&T.

I have two of these devices at work and after getting them registered (using a AT&T number on our corporate account) I've been able to add any AT&T number I've tried to them, ranging from other people on the corporate account to clients or guests who were just visiting the office for one day. As long as it's an AT&T number, it will work, and it will make calls using the device.

So I'd say eavesdropping would definitely be a concern, if calls could be handed off from a normal cell tower to a micro-cell.


VeriSign Will Support DNSSEC In .com By 2011 39

alphadogg writes "VeriSign has promised to deploy DNS Security Extensions, known as DNSSEC, across all of its top-level domains within two years. DNSSEC is viewed as the best way to bolster the DNS against vulnerabilities such as the Kaminsky bug discovered last year. (Yesterday we discussed the workarounds coming into place until the US government signs the Internet's root zone.) DNSSEC has been deployed on top-level domains operated by Sweden, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Two larger domains — .org operated by the Public Interest Registry and .gov operated by the US government — are deploying DNSSEC this year."

Submission + - Kids test theory of relativity in a mini-van

Matthew Sparkes writes: "Tom Van Baak and his three young children performed an impressive experiment on the theory of relativity. The group took a van equipped with 3 atomic clocks up Mount Rainier, near Seattle, for a couple of days camping. Because of the altitude, and therefore speed difference, they could calculate that there would be a time dilation of +22 nanoseconds between the two vans clocks, and some left at their house. If everyone's dad was like this then the world would be filled with theoretical physicists."

Comment Re:Maybe after eating so many mushrooms (Score 1) 364

We'd have overweight people in colorful clothing, frequently on mushrooms, who expect good work to yield practically infinite reincarnations and listen to repetetive music. What Pac Man is to Techno is what Mario is to Goa.

That just made me spit water on my keyboard. I wish I had mod points - it's the best thing I've read all day, because it's hilariously true.

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