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Comment Re:Study finds that topics requiring lecture... (Score 2) 166

The study covered STEM topics, which are typically considered the "harder" topics. Also, the article wasn't saying fun and games, it was saying that "interactive" methods were more effective. Methods such as "[C]alling on individuals or groups randomly, or having students clarify concepts to each other and reach a consensus on an issue."

So basically doing continual daily checkups to make sure your students are grasping the material instead of an exam every few weeks will keep the teacher more in tune with where his students are. Which will presumably help the teacher pace his lessons to match the capabilities of the students. That way the professor doe not succumb to the "Curse of the Gifted," i.e. they understand their topic so well they are unable to understand the pace or abilities of a novice.

Comment Re:$199 is pretty hard to beat (Score 1) 67

Just FYI regarding the Samsung - Netflix doesn't work (yet). It works on the x86 laptops decently but not on Samsung's ARM one. Google says they are working with Netflix to resolve this, so it's hopefully coming in an update (similar to the original Chromebooks) but just something to think about regarding the Samsung vs. Acer.

Comment Re:ePub (Score 2, Insightful) 348

Given that this is a campaign from the publishers, they probably just want a universal format they can pass on to distributors.

So then they can pass on the same file to Amazon/B&N/Apple and they can add in their own DRM before distributing.

I completely agree with you, but this is probably what they meant. And we can probably assume the ebooks will take the same route as digital music. So, when DRM is removed, you can buy wherever and place wherever.

Comment Here's what they should do (Score 4, Interesting) 213

Here's what they should do:

Get with Google and make the iPhone completely run on Google Voice VoIP.

Make it carrier-agnostic (duh) and make it data-only.

The iPhone would become a data only device that would have VoIP built right into the device.

It would work an any network and could even change networks with impunity.

Also, it *should* be cheaper since you're not paying for tradition phone/voicemail/SMS.

Comment I'm all for it. (Score 2, Insightful) 144

I'm all for an Open Alliance as opposed to a closed one, but I want what Google is offering.

University all access passes for their libraries and students.

Access to orphan books.

Easy for authors to claim rights and be compensated.

Easy reading on computers, mobile devices, and e-readers.

If you guys can accomplish all this as quickly and completely as Google will, I'll support you.

Comment Re:Obsolete (Score 1) 423

IMHO, it's because they not only dominate web browsing but web creation.

If MS dictates how the majority of the web renders pages, they would be using their dominance in the market to make their web creation tools (FrontPage/Expression Web) "better" - in reality just more compatible withe their twisted versions of web standards.

Not only that but they can make web tools Live/Bing/Hotmail work best with their browser - influencing users of those tools to almost be forced to to use IE.

Comment Touchbook (Score 1) 167

You might try the Touchbook - it is also "to be released," but if they are on schedule, it should be released soon. You can buy just the screen part for $299 I believe (or the whole thing for $399). Either way, you could probably hold the screen portion quite easily. ARM processor gives it "10-15 hours" of battery life. Runs a full Linux distro optimized for that device, or you can put your own on there.

Comment Home Server (Score 1) 421

I realize this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but what I do is have a dedicated Debian server running Samba (for windows and *nix) and Netatalk (for my Mac).

I keep all of my important files and media files on the server, it also backs up my computers.

I can access it if I am not at home via SSH.

I'm also going to add a cron job and an external HDD for offsite backup.

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