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Comment Not a fair comparison (Score 5, Insightful) 524

Having worked at IBM before, there was a lot of legacy software than ran on PC which would often stop working because of a problem with a remote server. The only way to report such problems would be by calling the help desk. It wouldn't matter whether it was a problem with Windows, or whether you knew exactly what the problem was. It all had to be reported through the help desk.

I imagine that if you use a Mac then it means you don't need to run any of the legacy software. And if you don't need to run the legacy software, there's no reason to ever call the help desk.

I would believe if there were fewer hardware-related help desk calls with the Mac, but I have a hard time believing that PCs require more help desk calls simply because Windows/PCs sucks.

Comment Remember Chrome or Android? (Score 3, Interesting) 221

I remember when Chrome first came. I thought Google was wasting their time because Firefox was clearly the best browser, and there was no reason to think it would ever stop being the best. And the browser market already seemed too crowed with IE, Safari, Firefox, and Opera all competing for market share.

Keep now is not what Keep will be in the future. Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, Android, and many other Google products are almost indistinguishable from what they were during their first iteration. And of those I listed, Gmail and Google Maps are the only ones I would say were actually better from the competition from day 1.

Evernote should be sweating at least a little bit.

Comment Hardware support (Score 2) 1880

A few months ago I was pretty excited to have been given a top-of-the-line laptop at work. I quickly ran into problems with graphics card support. My previous 4-year-old linux laptop ran Compiz flawlessly. My new laptop was running like crap. I finally realized it was because of the Nvidia Optimus technology, which is supposed to save power by dynamically switching between discrete and integrated graphics chips. A lot of hacking away later, I finally got it working, although it still doesn't seem as snappy as my old laptop.

I also recently built a new Linux desktop with the intention of playing games on Steam through Wine. Again I hit problems with the graphics card support and finally gave up and installed Windows 8 dev preview.

In the future I'll do more research before buying hardware.


Digg In the Future 54

jamie writes "A new site called Digg In The Future - created by 17-year-old high-school student Raj Vir as a research project - says that its algorithm can predict with 63-percent accuracy what shared links are going to make it to the front page of the Digg website. (Does it allow for brigades?)"

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