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Comment Re:Compared to Facebook (Score 1) 99

The 4PB they generate is actually highly compressible and they are most likely referring to raw logs. According to the page which quotes the 4 PB figure; FB states they have 300 petabytes of data in 800,000 tables in total. Since that's about 75 days worth of data and FB has been around far longer than that they are most likely referring to logs. So the actual disk space they need per day is far less than 4PB.

Comment Re:Lost airplane signals (Score 2) 245

In a Boeing 777 there are circuit breakers for the cockpit voice recorder & the flight data recorder however they do not stop them from working. Once the breaker is tripped they switch to their internal battery supplies. Both boxes contain batteries to power themselves since they each have sonar beacons used to locate the boxes in an underwater crash.

Far 25 25.1459 states that "Any single electrical failure external to the recorder does not disable both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder." So disabling the bus on these box wouldn't have been enough.

Comment Re:Simpler: Electrical Fire (Score 3, Informative) 245

None of the electronics went off before their last communication. Where is your source for that? There were alot of blogs that assumed that since the last Acars signal was at 1:07 am and the last communication, "Good night Malaysian three seven zero", was at 1:19am it was turned off. However that means nothing since Acars works in 30 min increments so it's next message wouldn't have been till 1:37 am. The system could have failed anytime between 1:19am and 1:37am.

Cell phones would not have been able to work at that distance and speed.

The flight's satellite phones wont work if eletronics are off.

Comment Zero memory (Score 1) 231

Wouldn't the best course of action be to zero important memory after it's use just like on disk. After something like a password is loaded in memory it should always be followed by memset with zeros in C/C++. That way if an unchecked read is followed all that would be read is null.

Comment Re:Elephant in the room (Score 1) 233

The US used custom Black Hawk helicopters that were designed for radar evasion. Not only that, helicopters are about 1/10 the size of a 777 and hover a few hundred feet above the ground using terrain to hide their signature.

"Also, some governments like Pakistan may be involved in the disappearance."
Have you looked at a map of southeast Asia? Do you know how many countries would also have to be involved in order to get the plane from Malaysia to Pakistan? The plane doesn't have the necessary fuel reserves to fly the known flight path, then deep into the Andaman sea, then to arc around India but be hundreds of miles away to avoid radar, and then cut through the Arabian sea into Pakistan. The only way for the plane to make it to Pakistan is for it to cut through the airspace of several countries including India. Why would all of those countries, especially India, all couloute together and do that?

Comment Re:Elephant in the room (Score 2) 233

Your theory makes no sense. For it to land somewhere it would need to fly into the airspace of country. So which one would just let some unidentified aircraft enter it's airspace let alone land on a runway without saying anything? The only place you can fly for hours without being picked up by radar is over the ocean.

Comment Re:Not a subsidy? (Score 3, Informative) 126

You don't seem able to follow simple facts. The fact of the matter is that these are private jets bought by executives, who happen to work for Google, with their own private money and for their own private needs. That makes it have nothing to do with the Google corporation. Not a single penny from Google Inc. went to this company. You're clearly the mook on this one.

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