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Comment All videos available in Flash (Score 2, Insightful) 253

Can we at least get some props for transcoding all the videos into flash? You can always get the original (even from some other Usenet provider, you cheapskates), but if you just want to see the damn video without having to dork with different codecs or players, you can't beat it.

(and no.. nobody at Slashdot got a free account for this post... but we'd be happy to hand them out.. ;-))

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 1478

3) I really doubt you are going to make any ranking system work. It would be chaos considering this country has trouble just counting a simple vote for a candidate. Stick with the system proven in every other country in the world everyone gets on the first ballot and a run off between the top two candidates if no one wins 50% in the first ballot.

While I agree a ranking system might be too tough to make work in the short term, I'm pretty sure that you can implement Approval voting without too much of a hitch. After all most people are already familiar with it because of American Idol.

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