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Comment Since when has Apple been about bang/buck? (Score 5, Interesting) 535

Depending on which side of the religious divide you occupy, people buy Apple because:

  1. It offers an unparalleled user experience.
  2. They're sheeple/fanboys and have to have it.

You've always been able to get more performance for less money, and yet they still sell. So what's the news here?

Comment Re:When will it be open-sourced? (Score 3, Interesting) 238

However, the real beauty of VMS wasn't so much it's architecture (though that had a lot of good points) but the incredible quality of DEC's implementation. Bugs were for the competition.

While I used VMS extensively and liked it in many ways, this is just silly.

When VMS 4.0 was released (the first version to include DCL command line editing), we had some unexplained crashes in our cluster. We eventually tracked it down to a bug in the command line editor (yes, it ran at least partially in kernel space). We had a local "competition" to see who could find the shortest number of keystrokes that would crash the system. The winner: 4. Yes, you could crash VMS 4.0 by getting an unprivileged command prompt and typing 4 characters (didn't even need to hit RETURN).

The bug was fixed in 4.1.

Comment Re:Full Throttle (Score 1) 285

Ah, remember well when Full Throttle was released. I devoured LucasArts games in those days and picked it up on release day. CompUSA was offering a special bonus; initial copies came with a soundtrack CD of music from The Gone Jackels.

Still have the box on my "classic games" shelf. Interestingly, that shelf is probably over 50% LucasArts.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 4, Informative) 137

What model of Ethernet controller was tested. What Firmware version are they using? Has the problem been reported to Intel?

I realize you found the article difficult to read, but it wasn't that long. 2/3 of your questions were addressed in the article.

  • Ethernet controller? 82574L
  • Reported? Yes, and Intel supplied an EEPROM fix.

Comment Re:Hrm... (Score 1) 173

Forget patenting extractive distillation methods.

You can patent the method all you want, you just can't patent the extracted compound if it's naturally occurring.

If the extraction method is the most practical way of extracting the substance, and the substance has sufficient value, you've got a nice business there.

Comment Re:Archaic models of war (Score 1) 334

Nope. As seen in [i]First Contact[/i] the Queen was supposedly present at Picard's assimilation.

But regardless of how the Queen's existence was explained by the writers, introducing a central intelligence to the Borg completely undermined the one thing that made them formidable. It was idiotic. In one stroke they castrated the signature opponent for that generation of Trek.

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