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Comment Re:Do many companies really do EFM recovery? (Score 1) 496

About a decade ago I went with cash in hand to several data recovery companies and asked them to recover some wiped files on a working disk. Distructive techniques were allowed, and the budget would have paid for some elaborate processes. Several first-level telephone answering folks said "sure, we can do it", but when I told the same story to the next level no one was willing to try. There is, of course, that old report claiming that there is enough information physically present in a multiply erased bit position to permit recovery. Maybe the intelligence agencies can do it, but I have heard of no verified case where they - or anyone else - actually did.

Submission + - MS Word fails, OO Writer succeeds!

ekstrom writes: I was trying to print from MS Word onto 12" tall label sheets with a Canon IP4300 printer. I kept getting a message that I should cancel, change driver settings to the sheet feeder instead of the paper cassette (which won't feed tall sheets) and try again, but I had already made that change. I finally noticed the printer lights indicating that something was overriding my selection, then setting it back after provoking the error message. Driver or application? I tried printing the same file to the same sheets with the same driver settings through Open Office Writer, and it worked flawlessly. That puts OO in a different role from the catch-up you normally hear about, methinks.

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