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Comment Nigeria won't be far behind (Score 3, Informative) 83

Cue the Bit419 emails.

But seriously, this is a step in the right direction. The allure of Bitcoin to me isn't even the privacy (which is debatable) it's that, by not having "central" anything, it truly democratizes access to currency. Forget the hoarders, the conversions and the "banks"; this is a means to transfer money that everyone should have access to.

Comment Re:Infringer? (Score 1) 128

Those are not nearly as interactive, explorative or in any way as expansive as word of mouth + "screensaver". The advantage sites like YouTube have above all else is that it's content is by and large geared toward driving traffic to artists that they deem worthy. It's not an organic search when you see "you may also like" or something similar, whereas on YouTube, I'm sure, there are clicks taken into account as well as the keywords. Plus user feedback (although the majority of YT comments are seizure, tumor or other form of brain damage inducing) can take you places you wouldn't otherwise consider. It's a combination of word of mouth as well as organic search.

It's not as random as you think.

Comment Re:Infringer? (Score 4, Insightful) 128

But that's exactly how I've discovered so many artists (many of whom have been playing for years) that I enjoy to this day. Yes, it's just a stupid screensaver, for all intents and purposes, but it exposed me to something I can enjoy. I went out and searched for it. Bought the thing. Play it at home and at work. All thanks to a screensaver.

This really boils down to what exactly "holding" means in the digital age of intangible property. Music (and text, by and large) is as intangible as the emotions they illicit. So what does "holding" mean? And how does this death-grip affect future triggers of emotion?

Comment Well, what do you know (Score 1) 152

M. Knight Shyamalan was on to something.

But seriously, it's no wonder places like The Stanley Hotel are still popular. After Stanley went to the area to recover from TB (with all that repertory jazz) it turned out to be such a good spot, he opened a hotel. It couldn't have been just the crisp air. Maybe we should have neighborhood tree planting campaigns alongside the neighborhood watch.

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