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Submission + - What's the Best Open Source Monitoring? 1

DebianOrDie writes: I have about 100 servers (70 Linux, 10 Solaris, 20 Windoze), 20 Cisco switches and routers spread across three offices. I have been using MRTG and Nagios but I keep getting flooded with alerts and every time I make a change I have to update my configurations files. I keep hearing about Hyperic, Open NMS, and Zenoss but haven't tried them. There are three of us in IT and I want to make sure we get reliable pages without getting flooded with bogus alerts. We want to make sure that we have decent performance graphs but mainly we want ping and website transaction tests. Has anyone used any of these is one better than the others?
The Internet

Submission + - phpBB3 Gold Released (

Jamie writes: "phpBB, the leading open source forum and online collaboration system, announced today the availability of phpBB Version 3.0. This release includes enhanced collaboration features, better security and delegated administration features, extended support for open source and commercial database management systems, and optimisation for mobile devices and search engines.

From the article, "Today we begin a new chapter in the history of phpBB. After five years, over 200,000 lines of new and altered code, and many a long night phpBB Group is very proud to announce the release of phpBB3 "Olympus".""


Submission + - phpBB Release 3 is out

CEHT writes: phpBB Release 3.0 is out today! Read more from the Press Release, learn about their New Features, and download it from this page.

New features in registrations, posting, (new) attachments, (new) caching, and (new) private messaging are making phpBB more robust for daily use.

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