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Comment Chromebook Pixel (Score 1) 133

This device looks great, with the sweet screen, that means there is a need for a decent CPU + GPU combination, also hopefully it means that this device will support more, and hopefully higher speed memory. Up to 8 gigs of Ram, a great touch-enabled screen, a moderately powerful CPU + GPU, an SSD, backlit keyboard, and very stylish look and size, sign me up! If Google can squeeze some good battery life out of this machine, between 4-6 hours, this product will be a slam dunk. Everyone arguing about ChromeOS, who cares? If you don't like ChromeOS, load something else. If you are not a technical person and do not like ChromeOS, look for something else. Google is hardly struggling, but this flagship device looks great. Personally, I love Android, it's a great mobile operating system, and if blending ChromeOS with Android brings more functionality I am all for it. I am a Fedora fan on laptops, and would likely dual boot Fedora on this machine, but if I could get all my developer tools to run in ChromeOS, I could see myself just running ChromeOS.

Comment Slackware is a great fun to learn distro (Score 1) 252

I have been using Linux for 1.5-2 years now, still a Linux noob by anyone's standards. I started out on Ubuntu, and liked it for a while until the introduction of Unity, which to me was awful. This made me want to change distros, along with the fact that I didn't feel like I was learning anything about Linux beyond apt-get. So, bravely I jumped into Slackware(and supported the project by purchasing the install cd through their website) and haven't regretted it one bit. Slackware is a fun to learn distro, and it's very true that this operating system will not hold your hand. I've been on forums, wikis, read man pages, manuals etc... This distro encourages it's users to learn and be active in the Linux community. Over just a few months, as compared to a year on Ubuntu, that I've had Slackware on my box, I've learned how to partition a hard drive, how to edit .conf files, how to install apps and their dependencies, how to use SlackBuilds, how to extract and convert files, how to navigate and execute files in a terminal, how to configure wireless the nitty-gritty way. Most importantly, I'm learning how to not need Windows for anything.(other than school's VB class...) I've learned all this and i'm still learning the ins and outs, and I'm just a 1st year Community College Student(for programming, switched from web-design) with only one programming class under my belt, so those devs out their afraid to make the jump, you have no excuse, if I can do it, you can. I am a huge fan of Slackware, and would like to thank Pat, and Eric, and all the others who put the work into deving up this great distro, it just flies on my little netbook, and when I get my alienware m11x I'll promptly be installing and running slackware on that as well. Wish I could run it on the Vivaldi when I purchase that as well...

Submission + - Another new poster

ekim04tteckaz writes: "I'm still a Linux noob, been using it for almost 2 years now. Started with Ubuntu and was happy with it for a while, then Unity came along. I realized even if the setup of Unity wasn't completely horrible (which it is), I was not learning anything beyond apt-get. So, I made the jump to Slackware 13.37, even supported Slackware by buying the disc from their site. Since installing, I have learned so much about the terminal, editing .conf files, SlackBuilds, installing apps and dependencies, etc... I've been on forums, reading Linux articles, and can say the slackware experience is well worth it. I'm just a first year community college programming student with one programming class(VB), under my belt. Hate windows btw, but if I can figure it out, devs have no excuse. Great job Pat and Eric, and all others who helped dev up this great distro, long live Slackware!!!"

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