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Submission + - Climate Change: Proven Theory or Mere Fraud? (steambend.net)

ejecta writes: "I've read a lot of information on both sides of the Global Warming/Climate Change Debate however recently on the radio here in Australia there has been back to back coverage for a week on the 'Global Warming Scam'. Most of the points are merely rehashed however, on their own, some are rather convincing, such as satellite readings show no increase in temperature for the last 20+ years and land based sensors are unreliable due to the heatsink effect of the concrete in the cities around them.

I would therefore like to ask the communal mind of Slashdot two things; What is your opinion on the issue? And, what rebuttal would you provide to the points raised by the 'fraud' side which are now being promoted as solid proof that no such thing exists by the media?"


Submission + - eBay Australia Director Flamed at ACCC Conference (smh.com.au)

ejecta writes: "The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) conference convened to help the competition regulator decide whether to allow eBay to force all sellers to use only PayPal for accepting electronic payments has resulted in over one thousand complaints lodged labelling the auction site "monolithic and dictatorial". eBay Australia managing director Simon Smith, visibly frustrated read from a prepared statement and would not answer any further questions. It seems like their bait & switch campaign of waving claims of increased security around whilst increasing fees in the background is failing, and failing fast."
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Submission + - eBay Australia Ignores Government Pushes Paypal (smh.com.au)

ejecta writes: "Despite the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission signalling last week its intentions to reject the Paypal only policy, eBay is gearing up for a battle with the regulator with the latest push against users stating that the changes will go ahead regardless on July 15. A competition lawyer who did not want to be named stated that unless eBay produces evidence that the move will not lessen competition in the online payments market it is likely legal proceedings against eBay will follow."

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