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Comment Re: We have those already in the US. Other places (Score 1) 121

And some who die from it!
Shoplifter/thief in watch store in Africa switched watches from cheap to expensive and left store (paid for cheap one) assistent saw it , chased with a meat cleaver, cut of parts of thief. I watched. Took note, and always in the open market thereafter paid openly with no hidden discount.

Comment Weight of roof tiles. History of non-acceptance. (Score 1) 428

Roof tiles in Europe and specifically in UK may be from natural stone (slate), ceramic fired tiles or concrete mix.
  Some years ago I was involved in degassing various 'waters' and mixtures 'liquid concrete' so that the thickness could be reduced and the tensile strength increased. Gramophone records were made from concrete. House roof tiles were made from concrete at about one-eighth thickness of normal concrete tiles which made very large logistic savings passed on to customer. Unfortunately the whole operation failed [major losses for firms concerned] as customers refused to buy as they 'did not look right on thickness'! The existing tiles much thicker had educated at least two generations on what was acceptable.The step to educate to solar tiles may be easier as it is intrinsically 'not the same' as the normal roof tile. I trust it works at 53 degrees north in cloudy rain file skies as in UK.

Comment Father was not in touch with daughter for 6 years. (Score 1) 386

Father was not in touch with daughter for last 6 years. This was major part of evidence. Judge thus took actual carers in close contact (mother and grandparents) into account. Daughter did not at this stage wish to see or inany way contact father who was no longer part of her life.

Comment Master of The Rolls (Score 1) 260

It seems funny that the parchment written 'rolls' containing the early laws of England, in care of the top legal judge "The Master of the Rolls" are still readable (if you know early and middle English and Latin) whereas some recent legislation / tax records are 'lost' due to non-ability to real old computer records from 1950s. Paper degrades faster than parchment, so even paper offices have a finite life less than parchment for record keeping. I note government almost always wants hard copy (parchment or paper will do) with handwritten witnessed signatures for 'important stuff' (taxes, passports, driving licence applications etc). Fire appears to be only way to destroy these rolls.

Comment Political decision originally. (Score 1) 68

The decision to build the system was taken when USA did not make GPS positioning available to others with a sufficient degree of accuracy thus EU for both military and normal use wanted its own system, so withdrawal of USA system would not leave EU 'incompetent'. So much reliance is now made of GPS that many services would break if not available - ambulance, police, heavy transport and civil cars, taxis (I doubt ability of new incomers to know streets without GPS, this raises the occasional 'wrong delivery' to the wrong town but that adds to the store of news). Not as wrong as airline tickets to Birmingham Alabama instead or Birmingham UK but accuracy of use depends on the human at the end.

Submission + - Mapping UK for 5G mobile telephone ability (

eionmac writes: The BBC has reported a planning tool will use Ordnance Survey's mapping data and high-resolution aerial images to produce its 3D models, while weather data will be provided by the Met Office. This will give mobile telephone companies the ability to know range and problems even with change in seasons as 5G "is effected even by leaves and rain". This will show up the many lead roofs and granite walled buildings and other problems in the city-rural areas of UK and also perhaps prevent many dead spots by proper placement of telephone masts.

Comment This would be deliberate fraud in UK. (Score 1) 161

Customers could advise and ask for criminal action against store employee and all store directors in UK if this was to push sales targets. However it would need a witness and the technical proof as recorded. Better to have new computer tested first , approach shop for help get their result and then test again. Thus incompetence or deliberate fraud.

Submission + - Uber is defined as an employer in UK ( 1

eionmac writes: An employment tribunal (a form of employment court in UK) has defined Uber as an employer due to its significant control of employee (displines, raises or lowers prices, controls access to work, directs employees). This means Uber must pay statutory rights of employee such as as sick pay, minimum wage, holiday pay etc. This will change how they operate in UK and perhaps with existing EU links also EU position.

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