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Submission + - UK Gov security ID password protection field details published (

eionmac writes: UK Government has contracted out its ability to verify an individual contacting government about tax, social security etc. and published the limited password field to 8 to 12 characters , these being limited to upper case or lower case A to Z, a to z, and numbers zero to 0. Thus security is based on a published password field length and characteristics. This is most insecure practice as it aids ability to crack password as characteristics of field are known to all and sundry interested parties of evil intent. Why not use PGP email digital signatures? Much more secure in password phrase lengths.

Comment Re:Old sometimes better than new (Score 1) 60

The 8 inch discs still work well on some old machine room equipment I recently saw in UK. Very old machines used for repairing (oldish) rail trains. The main problem is that they be dusted off before use, as even inside a wooden box store container they accumulate dust. I was unable with my modern stuff to read them, so when they die the machine shop stuff dies as well. Then workshop has to work out new way to make copies of old parts, I assume 'printing' (additive manufacture?) by then will work.

Comment Re:Are they getting rid of the packet inspection? (Score 1) 44

Intrigued by your signature petition. Even in the U.K. where we have a universal 'social security' we have great difficulties in getting it to benefit the real areas of poverty as homelessness (no "ZIP Code" or our 'Post Code') makes form filling to get acceptance by government officials impossible.

Submission + - Music recorded on Ferranti 1 computer (

eionmac writes: Many years ago I trained with Basil de Ferranti and wrote 'machine code' . Ah! Recordings of music on an early computer has been restored (speed change to make playable) Listen to the German hymn (Used by UK) and some other tunes in "RAW form"

Comment Re:We burn a ton of DVD's every week (Score 1) 385

We are as an engineering file contractually obliged to send out all documentation in 3 forms; (1) ready use by email as PDF or raw drawing/document; (2) Final documentation as DVD (multiple copies to different addresses of all documents) and correspondence during contract; (3) One hard copy of all documents in "2".
These form in 3 and one of the 2 copies the necessary 40 year expected life resource for any death or injury requirement and subsequent legal inquiry. (Our plant makes/ handles some very nasty chemicals, and safety back ups of all documentation go to insurers , classification authorities and at least one legal copy to our own and customers archives.
We go through a lot of DVDs.
Reason for DVDs , not alterable after burning. Reasonable shelf life. However do keep one of two external and internal DVD readers/ burners on the computers.
Hard drives (electro-mechanical) are not as resilient to a start up after long term idle storage (bearings1).

Comment Re:Age or Wage Discrimination? (Score 1) 194

The company I do paid work for has an average age of over 60; about 60% folk at or over 55, maximum about 78 ~79 years (experience tells when you are in engineering contracting business!); about 40% in new graduates. Mostly young folk of 30+ learning experience while doing the base intense calculation jobs (big math input) but judgement on calls by experienced folk. It saves them making mistakes. Disclaimer I am 76, one of the younger old folk.

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