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Comment Re:We burn a ton of DVD's every week (Score 1) 363

We are as an engineering file contractually obliged to send out all documentation in 3 forms; (1) ready use by email as PDF or raw drawing/document; (2) Final documentation as DVD (multiple copies to different addresses of all documents) and correspondence during contract; (3) One hard copy of all documents in "2".
These form in 3 and one of the 2 copies the necessary 40 year expected life resource for any death or injury requirement and subsequent legal inquiry. (Our plant makes/ handles some very nasty chemicals, and safety back ups of all documentation go to insurers , classification authorities and at least one legal copy to our own and customers archives.
We go through a lot of DVDs.
Reason for DVDs , not alterable after burning. Reasonable shelf life. However do keep one of two external and internal DVD readers/ burners on the computers.
Hard drives (electro-mechanical) are not as resilient to a start up after long term idle storage (bearings1).

Comment Re:Age or Wage Discrimination? (Score 1) 192

The company I do paid work for has an average age of over 60; about 60% folk at or over 55, maximum about 78 ~79 years (experience tells when you are in engineering contracting business!); about 40% in new graduates. Mostly young folk of 30+ learning experience while doing the base intense calculation jobs (big math input) but judgement on calls by experienced folk. It saves them making mistakes. Disclaimer I am 76, one of the younger old folk.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 404

As shooter was 'normal client' 'regular client' of the night club, perhaps it is just an outrage at someone there & the club suffers. A known effect from mental sickness. May not be anything to do with religion or sexuality but just 'they offended me, I will pay back'. The later rants may be self justification, blown up by press etc as presumed reason, actual reason we will really never know.

Comment Re:Somewhat off-topic: embedding video in email (Score 1) 294

Images as "attachments" are acceptable. However, some of us only work in pure text email.
[For many reasons, contractual, security, transmission speeds, government enforced, revenue sensitive]
Connections in many parts of world are sometimes very low. Embedded images in email are a 'favourite '
of one of my work colleagues, and over inter-net fixed wire WAN this is acceptable (speeds controlled).
In non-work situations it has proved to be a method of distribution of 'images' which can disrupt.
I prefer image rich texts to be sent as PDF format attachments.
Personal preferences, I know, but has saved some emergency situations with low speed facility communications.

Comment Re:Email client software? Is this still a thing? (Score 1) 294

Common interface. Keeping the email addresses separated but in one client as TBird does is great. I work for 4 companies each with its own email address for me and of course my own company and private emails. TBird keeps all in line. I am a fan. Just like student above, except I have been doing this on M$ and *nix boxes for a long time as I am 6 decades past student days,

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