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Comment Re:Good though difficult (Score 1) 74

Very easy. If a business you charge yourself the sales tax/VAT by a reverse charge mechanism in your MONTHLY VAT submittals, if you are a private person the sales tax/VAT is collected by the seller. It works well. i do this often both as a private person and as a business official.

Comment Re:I call BS Define 'Democracy" (Score 1) 167

I was not arguing the 'correct' mingling of person's opinions. I was defining the system. If you accept that a majority is democracy then if in the 'minor camp' you can only change it by later action or leave the system and go elsewhere. Yes, I understand that 'rule by majority' is 'unfair' on the lesser. The major political implication of majority in recent times was the Bolshevic (majority) Menshevic (minority) division and the later development therefrom. I completely agree with your analysis of a Norway solution, however that seems ruled out, as they accepted free movement of people, the real red line for present government.
Ultimate injustice, a majority of one (8 to 7) in a Scottish court could hang a person. Majority verdicts in Scots odd numbered jury system.

Comment Re:I call BS Define 'Democracy" (Score 1) 167

If 35 million vote in UK, one side (say with 2 parties only) gets 1 more member of parliament by a single vote in a single constituency, but that single member gives it a majority of one member in house of commons , that becomes the government. That defines democracy. You either accept such results or you do not want a democracy. Democracy means rule by majority however slender. It's like a board of directors split with only one more on winning side, but it is effective in law and custom.
Plurality of a consensus of opinions is not a democracy, refer to Belgium with its convoluted rules for the two language sides which gives a somewhat ineffective government , police force etc.

  Whether I was one side or another of 'Brexit'; I as a person and I as a company director must plan as I see fit for Brexit reality, However as my trade is mostly UK and Asia (little Continental Europe involvement) it only affects my company slightly but all foreign employees will come under the same rules in future , without 'EU' preference AND the information exchange rules will probably tighten to be more that EU rules thus EU 'safe haven rules' will be the minimum, whether or not the residual EU recognises that fact.

Submission + - CCTV from 17th centurry, Late police report ( 2

eionmac writes: The Police Force Scotland sent out an appeal including a CCTV picture from the 17th century on 25th January to seek help on an incident reported in verse by Mr Robert Burns. For those who speak or read Lallans it is a considerable humourous report and shows early "CCTV" picture.

Comment Re:Doesn't work! (Score 1) 136

I have a problem. End points of my main long journey are about 350 miles apart, I usually fill up on petrol (gas) at half tank so never go more than 200 mile between fill up stops. I would want electric vehicles to have same ability, . i.e . top up to full in say 15 minutes during half way stop. This is the critical factor to occasional long distance use, when normal commutes etc are about 60 miles per day.
I rejected a hybrid because of cost, and until electric-top ups are both cost ( money) and time (short time) they do not have any benefit except in commuter areas, which I appreciate helps urban living and health. It might leads to an urban person have a short distance car and hiring a petrol( gas) cas for weekend or long trips.

Comment 3D Entertainment has been real since 1500s. (Score 1) 435

I watch 3D shows at my local theatre. Live people and in 3D. I believe the blood and guts story Titus Andronicus pulled then in in the 1500s to make the theatre cast's salaries better than normal - violent 'porn' . I see no reason to spend on electronic devices that do not give me the same realism, and ability to talk to the cast afterwards.

Submission + - DDoS attack on the brain. Explained. (

eionmac writes: I watched a BBC (UK) "Outch" program [podcasts for the diabled] and followed it with watching the original podcast (55minutes) by Radio 1 Eire. Fot the first time I realised that epilepsy is exactly analogous to a major DDoS attach on a server. A great anaolgy and gives a 'teaching explaination' to teach about DDos attacks. Falling down 15 times a day and 4 times in a half-marathon but still finishing even after these brain DDoS attacks is magnificent. See podcast

Comment Re: We have those already in the US. Other places (Score 1) 123

And some who die from it!
Shoplifter/thief in watch store in Africa switched watches from cheap to expensive and left store (paid for cheap one) assistent saw it , chased with a meat cleaver, cut of parts of thief. I watched. Took note, and always in the open market thereafter paid openly with no hidden discount.

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