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Comment Re:Why is municipal composting better than landfil (Score 1) 861

Organics in landfills produce methane, which is more potent than carbon dioxide. Also, there's no chance to reclaim the nutrients, as pretty much everything in a landfill ends up toxic.

As for the jobs claim, it might be silly, or not. The soil is sold, so there might be some relative value to those jobs compared to landfill jobs. And there are other positive externalities, such as reduced need for landfill space (which is a different ongoing cost than labor).


Comment Re:NEW tried this and failed (Score 1) 608

I had a conflict with BC calculus first semester, so I sat in the AB calculus class. After a few weeks of listening to lecture, I sat in the back and worked the BC calculus homework, learning from the book. I loved it, and got a great grade in the class. Though I'm sure I did spend some time talking with the teacher (who was good) as well.

Comment Off Topic-Bicycles (Score 1) 137

Well, that varies by cyclist, as you can imagine. Some cyclists obey the law, just as some drivers do. I can't control what other cyclists do, just like you can't control what other motorists do.

There's a lot of confusion between both cyclists and motorists about how to treat cyclists. Laws vary a lot by state (and city). And a lot of people (on both sides) just don't seem to understand that bicycles are vehicles and should obey the laws of vehicles on the road. And be on the road, not the sidewalk (by law in many jurisdictions)

I stop at stop signs and yield to traffic with right of way, and occupy the lane when it's necessary for safety (and get over to the right if not).

I do not stop completely at stop signs if no one is around and I have good sight lines. Bicycles are much slower, have much better visibility than cars (higher, no near-field distractions) and therefore get a much better view of intersection. And they've got a lot more skin in the game if they make a mistake. Coming to a complete stop with a bicycle is almost never necessary for safety reasons. Idaho allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs.

Probably 70% of drivers incorrectly yield to me when I approach a 4-way stop, though. Even after I come to a full stop, and put my foot on the pavement, they'll sit there and wait for me to go. Not to mention the aggressive, unsafe overtaking and other problems that drivers seem to have sharing the road with cyclists.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 405

Since it is our data, why can't we demand a cut of the profits?

Well, in theory, selling that data should allow your electricity provider to provide service for less money, but that's not a given by any means.

Also, while the data is about you, the data was collected by another party. (at the risk of bad analogy) If you participated in a study, you wouldn't expect to own the results, or even the data collected on yourself.

Comment Re:Ooma (Score 1) 208

You can disable the automatic premium online without a tedious call. I'm actually being billed the $3.47 I expected.

The OP isn't clear on whether he wants mobile coverage or not, just that he only wants to pay 1 ISP and still have a phone number, and be able to connect with his phone and computer, both of which could be over wifi/wired.

Comment Ooma (Score 2) 208

I bought an ooma device, which allows me to hook up my phones to the internet over a VoiP connection and provides a telephone number with free domestic calls. There's a non-trivial up front cost ($120-$200), and a very modest monthly fee to cover taxes (~$3.50/mo). So far, it's been really easy, and I have no complaints.

I can get data only service from my provider (Frontier, was Verizon), though they don't seem to be able to bill me properly...

Submission + - Is Nokia dropping Meego? (marketwatch.com)

An anonymous reader writes: An internal memo by Nokia's CEO seems to indicate that Nokia views Windows7 Mobile and Android as the only feasible alternatives.

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