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Comment Re:Exaggerations (Score 1) 385

The two things can exist independently of one another.

Yes, I don't like the car because it's not my thing and I agree with their conclusion of if you are wanting a car to take to the track this car is pointless. However I do believe the car can perform as Tesla say it does if you treat it the way they say you should.

The court showed they did not lie- because they didn't. The handling is awful, it takes a longer time to 'fill the tank' than it should to be useful on a daily basis for anyone who commutes over Tesla's distance, the brakes failed, the batteries, when using it as race car, last ~52 miles. Factual all.

Comment Re:Exaggerations (Score 1) 385

Is it a good track car in low performance mode? No. Does being in low performance mode make getting shots of it for a film about a sports car going around a track possible? No. Were the calculations correct for when it would have been drained of power? Yes. Are they correct in that, for this purpose, the Tesla is useless? Completely.

In what was said, they did not lie. The court ruling backs that up.

Sounds like people are being fanboys of Tesla. The car is a pointless waste of money unless you want something to stand next to it and talk all about it. If you want a track car a 25k BRZ is a vastly superior choice. Plus, I disagree with them, it's ugly too.

Comment Re:Exaggerations (Score 1) 385

And would they have if they continued to run it as they had in the time that they indicated? Why yes, yes they would have. The charge when driven that hard lasts *exactly* as long as they say it does. They didn't drain them on film because they were trying to get all the shots in before light was gone.

The only point at which people would be deceived is if they weren't actually listening to what was being said.

Comment Re:battery weight in the middle (Score 1) 385

That much weight in the low middle is handling nightmare as evidenced by the Tesla's abysmal handling in corner.

Hydrogen is the best, easiest and 'greenest'. It's the right way. We made it to space in a decade. We can do hydrogen on a cheap substrate in half that time. Think of all the lithiums we'll save alone.

Comment Re:Exaggerations (Score 1) 385

Annnd you didn't watch the segment on Top Gear. The brakes broke on the first one. Charging the battery back to full takes -far- longer filling a tank of gas. When they drove it hard around the track, I don't know, like a sports car, the batteries didn't make it very long. The weight distribution with all those batteries in the middle is atrocious. The things they said happened did happen and they are all valid points. They did tart some of it up to get good shots.

In that same episode May points out the correct method of powering a car of the future, with hydrogen. Not toxic, useless, ancient battery technology.

Comment Stop with the dogs (Score 1) 416

Could I please get you guys to stop making us to shoot dogs. Even demon dogs. It just sucks.

Also, more grappling hooks. In fact, in a completely formal and scientific pole [sic] here at work at a *major* games company, it was decided every game developed from here on out should allow the player the use of a grappling hook. Just Cause 2 FTW!

Comment Re:This was America before "free trade". (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Yes let's do this. Let's have one of these imbecilic discussions in the face of someone who has found joy. This is a great idea.

So here we go. I know for certain what killed America- it was Obama. He did. All by himself. No wait, maybe it was the Tea Party... no... taxes, yes that was it, taxes punched America in the nuts. No, Kevin Smith. Cop Out FFS? No, it was Gingrich and Reagan- the original tax and spenders. No, it was dogma (not the Kevin Smith movie- well- wait, it could have been that...) Wait, it was religion. Religion killed the whole world and Obama is it's Rosicrucian overlord. Wait, George Bush- he is still killing America and in league with the Trilateral commission which is a Masonic plot to immanentize the eschaton.

What were we talking about?

Jesus Christ. Perhaps it was a bad fu$&ing attitude that is killing America?

The author found inspiration and hope in a place without a whole lot to spare. Let's, perhaps, for once, applaud and foster that.

I do remember my(the) first Maker Faire. It filled me with the same exuberance as the author- took tons of pictures, talked to people and got encouragement about a few ideas I had milling about in my brain, made some great friends, met the makers of the flame spitting serpent, saw kids engaging and creating in a way that I would hope they could in school. It all left that fire in me not just of self worth but of hope. It's still with me. It reinforced my belief that there are more people who want to do and share and be part of something than those who don't.

Rock the f#(k on CmdrTaco.

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