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Comment End-to-End encryption Chrome extion - when ? (Score 1) 57

I downloaded and built there End-to-End Chrome extension. I reported a few bugs and they were quickly fixed. Then I waited for Google to finish the development/testing and announce it to The World, but two years later there is only silence on that. No news since 2014

To paraphrase XKCD, I have been posting my public key for 37 years now but nobody has ever asked me for it or used it for anything as far as I can tell.

Comment End-to-End (Score 1) 129

I downloaded the end-to-end code built it and ran some tests. I reported one bug to them (no biggie, just a mismatch with some libs they depend on). They were quick to respond, update their build and thank me. However there hasn't been any activity there for months. Yahoo had joined in and said they were putting it into production (but I don't use their mail so I have not seen it).

Has anyone any idea what's happening with Google End-to-End ?

Comment Re:For work - You had ONE job... (Score 1) 136

When the "bad guys" manage to download the password database from a Windows domain controller in your company (and that can happen) then they will be able to crack some of your previous 12 passwords that it stores in the history. Then you will be an easy target because they can predict your password from the history because you did not bother to comply with the company password policy. You were negligent.

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