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Comment Re:Info about the Apple Austin campus (Score 1) 113

Austin was, in the beginning, a support outpost. There were a few phone monkeys who actually moved there from the Bay Area in the early '90s when Apple decided to close down shop in CA (Freemont, IIRC, but I may be wrong there, it's before my time at the fruit company). I've been gone from the place for well over a decade now, but even so I admit I'm a bit surprised to find there's any engineering there at all. Wasn't jack back when I worked there, everything was in Cupertino and Austin was all about phone monkeys and admin.

Comment Re:There's gonna be a rumble! (Score 2) 113

That's been going on for years. I worked at Apple Austin from '96 to '98; back then there was a LaserWriter on the 2nd floor of the Anderson campus that was ironically named "Dell Resume Writer". Srsly.

It was kind of a crappy thing for the phone monkeys tho. They'd get stuck in a rut, 9mos as a contractor at Apple, 9mos at Dell. Never get a full time gig with benes, just end up being a temp worker forever.

Comment Re:Not to be too pedantic (Score 1) 631

Furthermore, there was another episode some time back, where they were launching a bowling ball from some sort of contraption, and it did precisely that. They wandered around in the brush on the the other side for awhile until they found it. Which makes nobody thinking of this possibility even more surprising.

Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917

The only way to get out is if - God forbids - you get permanently disabled or some other horrific event of that magnitude.

Or just move abroad. Debt is linked to your US social security number, which no one outside the US will ever ask you for. I've met a great deal of Americans who moved to Europe or Asia and then decided to walk away from tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and I recently read an article (can't find the link, sorry) that now there's a rising trend of moving abroad to teach English just to escape creditors.

Irony: it happens in both directions. Here in New Zealand we have a state sponsored student loan system, where repayments are actually automagically pulled from your salary. We also have a lot of brain drain. Students graduate with a pile of debt, and bugger off to AU, US, UK, EU... Never to return. It would interesting to find out how the numbers even out. Certainly the US has profited from Kiwis (and I suppose possibly Aussies) doing this. And NZ has profited from US folks doing it. Would be a good statistic to try and collect, tho probably pretty difficult.

Comment Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

Actually, nothing much changed between the BlueBox Jobs and the iThing Jobs. Jobs was always first and foremost a sales guy for The Steve Jobs Ego. What he was selling along with that primary product certainly changed over the years (and there were some very good products in there along with some horrendously bad), but his own ego stroking remained pretty constant throughout. He'd quite happily flip-flop once he discovered his current pet project was a failure and suddenly he'd be a big driver for stuff he'd tried to steamroll previously. And he certainly had no issue with taking credit for others accomplishments when it suited promotion of The Steve Jobs Ego.

Comment Heh, welcome to the new world order bud (Score 1) 425

>Lucas is quoted on the Save Star Wars website as saying in a 1997 interview with American Cinematographer magazine that he thought "the other versions will
>disappear". He said: "Even the 35 million [video] tapes out there wont last more than 30 or 40 years. A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that
>anyone will remember will be the [Special Edition] version."

Well... Not quite. See, that laserdisc edit got bittorrented. Thus, I've got a copy of the original 3 from those laserdisc rips, and I'm damn sure not the only one. The genie is outta the bottle there George, and you won't be getting it back in. My video cassettes will certainly moulder into dust but those laserdisc rips will be on the torrentz (or whatever p2p becomes popular in coming decades) long after I'm pushing up daisies.

Comment Re:A pyrrhic victory for copyright trolls in NZ? (Score 1) 384

Heh. Yeah, I've long been of the opinion that if you have to spend a lot of time policing your employees, your problem is your employees. You need to hire people that you don't need to babysit. If they're not meeting work expectations, stopping them from getting to Facebook only means they're gonna go stand around the water cooler and waste time there, or take the newspaper to the toilet, or whatever. People misusing the company interwebs is an HR problem which requires an HR solution, not a technical one requiring a technical solution.

With you on the new law there. I suspect that the relatively good side of this (making life harder on the extortion/phishing expeditions) was probably incompetence on the part of the rights holders, and perhaps a little bit of creative lemonade-from-lemons by the ISP types who were able to get some input in the short period they had to do so.

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