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Comment Re:Sorry... (Score 1) 244

When you recurse and run out of stack space, that is a stack overflow. If the recursion is finite, you may be able to fix this by buying more RAM.

When you receive more data into a stack buffer than it has been allocated to hold, that is a stack-based buffer overflow. The act of triggering such a buffer overflow is known as smashing the stack. The only way to fix this is by modifying the code to check the bounds of copies into fixed-length buffers.

What you describe is a stack overflow, what you link to discusses stack-based buffer overflows.


Submission + - Wanted: Home-builders for the moon

el crowbar writes: NASA announced the broad outlines of its plan for an eventual lunar outpost less than two months ago. The general idea is to set up shop on the rim of a crater near one of the moon's poles. Such areas would be in sunlight, with a line-of-sight link to Earth all year round. The first crews would stay for just a week at a time, but by 2025, six-month tours of duty would be the norm.
Intel by OSTG

Vendor Intel focuses on improving energy efficiency 5

Intel has plans to enhance the energy efficiency of its products to help meet the environmental challenges posed by climate change. "Speaking at a workshop with HP and Sun Micrcosystems about the sector's contribution to the global energy situation, Intel's Don Whiteside said the company is focusing on : greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage in its operations and the energy efficiency of its products. Intel says it has a goal to
Data Storage

Submission + - Reduce Your Linux Memory Footprint

An anonymous reader writes: A lack of physical memory can severely hamper Linux performance. In this article, learn how to accurately measure the amount of memory your Linux system uses. You also get practical advice on reducing your memory requirements using an Ubuntu system as an example.

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Submission + - Vista not sending links to Firefox-default browser

inaneframe writes: "While trying out Vista for myself, I came across a strange interaction. When Firefox 2.0 was installed and then set as the default browser I found that url links from applications or within the OS, like in the help program, would not open up at all. Has anyone else had this issue? I find it odd that no one else would have caught this. Is this another ploy by MS? Or does it have something to do with the fact that I was running the 64bit version of Windows Vista and Firefox is a 32bit app? Perhaps it has something to do with security "features" not allowing it?"

Submission + - Israeli Company Working on Flying Car for Military

schnoid writes: "They've been promised to us for years and in 2000 they still weren't here! Well, maybe 2010? An Israeli company is working on a flying car which should be released in 2010. Sadly, you won't be flying over traffic just yet. Initially it will only be sold to the military and rescue services with a price tag of over 1.5 million dollars!,2933,249082,00.html "

Submission + - Learning Enough Math To Understand String Theory?

I am not Brian Greene writes: Is it possible for mere mortals to learn enough math on their own to understand, say, string theory or its alternatives? I've grown tired to gloss over any formula and while I thorougly enjoyed Greene's Fabric of Cosmos, I'd like to be able to understand more. Would a more technical work be accessible for a self-learner (with a technical degree obtained many years ago)? I realize it's going to take a few years.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Audit has revealed massive misuse of US Iraq aid $

An anonymous reader writes: ap/index.html

"Millions of dollars in US rebuilding funds have been wasted in Iraq, US auditors say in a report which warns corruption in the country is rife. A never-used camp in Baghdad for police trainers with an Olympic-size swimming pool is one of the examples highlighted in the quarterly audit. Billions of budgeted dollars meanwhile remain unspent by Iraq's government. The report comes as President Bush is urging Congress to approve $1.2bn (£600m) in further reconstruction aid.

"The United States has spent billions of dollars in this area, with limited success to date."

Stuart Bowen's audit office began operations in March 2004 and is currently conducting 78 investigations, of which 23 have been referred to the US Department of Justice. There have so far been four convictions. His office, which was nearly closed down last year by Republicans, is now due to carry on its oversight work through 2008."

Submission + - Port Scan Spikes Hint at BrightStor Attacks

bookmark button writes: "Detailed exploit code for worm holes in CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup product has been posted on the Internet, prompting a strong "patch now or else" warning from security researchers. At least three exploits — which provide step-by-step instructions to launch remote attacks — have been posted at, increasing the likelihood of code execution attacks against large datacenters, individual departments and small- to medium-sized businesses that use the BrightStor back-up and recovery product. In the past 24 hours, Arbor Networks censors have picked up a spike in scans on TCP port 6503, which is used by one of the vulnerable BrightStor products."

Submission + - Do No Evil Doesn't Exclude Pushing the Law Around

An anonymous reader writes: This associated press article briefly describes the arm-twisting that legislatures often endure from corporations in return for jobs and investment. The "surprise" to this is that it's not Big Oil or Tobacco, but instead our "Do no evil" friends at Google who are using up elected officials time and energy. Google then threatens to pull the plug over disobeyed orders to law makers not to mention the Google by name. And all this is occurring while the legislature is creating tax-free laws friendly to Internet companies...
The Courts

Submission + - From the UK - Use your phone and lose your car

AlHunt writes: "Having confiscated 1800 cars, vans and motorcycles in 8 months, London police are expanding Operation Reclaim:

Controversial powers for police to confiscate vehicles if their driver is using a mobile or not wearing a seatbelt are to be used across London.
Think what you like about talking and driving — confiscation seems like a pretty extreme punishment."

Submission + - The Most Important Aspects of Geek Culture

ender- writes: "In the course of pursuing a long-overdo college degree, I am attending the local community college. For my Business Communications class, we've been assigned to give a 4 to 5 minute speech on a 'Culture' we feel we are a part of, or which we find interesting. As I spend the majority of my time on Slashdot or playing around with computer hardware and software, I have chosen to do my speech on the culture of computer [or internet] geeks. I am interested in getting the opinions of the users of this fine website.

If given less than 5 minutes to describe computer geek culture to an audience which is mostly ignorant of geeks and technology, which aspects do you feel would be most important to hit upon? Social? Dress? Hobbies? Philosophies? Others? I'm not asking for anyone to write my speech! I would just like to know what geek concepts this group feels are important to communicate to the non-geek world."

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