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Submission + - India: 'Massive' uranium find in India (

GillBates0 writes: "BBC reports that India's southern state of Andhra Pradesh may have one of the largest reserves of uranium in the world. India is planning to set up about 30 reactors over as many years and get a quarter of its electricity from nuclear energy by 2050."

Submission + - Microsoft struggles to get Hyper-V in Linux kernel (

jbrodkin writes: "Slashdot and others reported that Microsoft is now one of the top corporate contributors to the Linux kernel. But the reason for Redmond's recent flurry of contributions lies in the fact that its two-year-old project to get Hyper-V drivers into the Linux kernel has taken longer than expected. The drivers are still in the kernel staging tree, and Microsoft has to finish the items on a to-do list before Hyper-V drivers can move out of the staging area. When asked why it's taken so long, Linux project leader Greg Kroah-Hartman says the issue was simply that "changes were not being submitted that frequently.""

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