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Comment Re:Is it really not that obvious? (Score 2) 109

For programming type classes (Udacity / Coursera) the assignments and tests are actual programming assignments, not multiple choice. The only Multiple choice questions are during the short lecture segments to try and help keep students engaged and reinforce (in a small way) the topic.

For other course types it is a bit more challenging. I know Coursera was using a peer review system for "Essay" type questions, but I don't have personal experience on how that worked out.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 397

There were both types of people there...

The guys who had ski masks, gas cans, baseball bats, and hammers were clearly prepared to raise hell and break shit up are the ones the police are referring to.

In addition to those, were all the drunk, macho, (proverbial) lemming types who thought it must be a cool thing to do.

Comment Re:Feature Bloat (Score 1) 189

Firefox suffers from its constant desire to meet or beat Chrome and the gajillion UI features Google throws into the browser every other day. .

The perception is that if they don't keep up, they will lose market share. Maybe you or I don't want them, but all the people who make noise and write reviews and articles compare all these things and pan them if Feature X is not there.

You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't (add features) these days

Comment Re:What about internal vs. external sound card? (Score 1) 520

USB isochronous interfaces guarantee timely delivery. You can also reserve bandwidth so other traffic doesn't affect it. Latency is "bounded" but I don't have figures on what the actual bounds are. (USB 1.1 had 1msec frames and USB 2.0 has microframes at 1/8th of that... so you can get a feel) Now -- given a crappy device driver and all bets are off.

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