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Comment Re:Well, of course he's saying that. (Score 1) 891

I work professionally in both the design and music fields and can tell you that everything for Mac exists and has existed on the Windows platform since the early 90s. For quite a long time through the late 90s Apple had a real problem courting developers to their oft-delayed and buggy platform and so both industries went to Windows. So these days, not only does everything work on Windows, but in the case of plugins for Photoshop or VSTs for DAWs, Windows users continue to have more available. I know - this works against the whole "Macs are for creative professionals" idea, but that idea has been wrong since 1996.

Of course, I amazed at what's available on Linux these days. I actually have decent (though not perfect) multi-track recording on my Ubuntu box and am able to do most of my day-to-day design work using Inkscape, Scribus and GIMP. We live in incredible times.

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