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Comment A click into illegality _ (Score 0) 266

The executive should recognize that downloading files is not the same as consuming them.

Three examples:
(a) Files are not marked as copyrighted material + can't be identified as such by netpeople before/after they start the load.
(b) The download stays on the storage unopened.
(c) User is closing the files, after a copyright warning came up.

Downloading + consuming in the knowledge that it is copyrighted material is a violation. Otherwise _

_ you can put up website with links to copyrighted material, save the User-IP (which is possible) and/or cut a deal with ISP's ( which is not necessary ), check out a netservice who is holder of the User-IP and let the lawyers do the rest.

Comment _ terrorized into customer (Score 1) 329

Intention here is, to terrorize netpeople into customer. As simple as that. This farce of a law is un_applicable. If applied consequently, the ISP's will lost vast amounts of customers and the courts are overcrowd with lawsuits, with attorneys/lawyers as the big player. Never mind. The net community and maybe open minded ISP's will watch very, very closely at the downloads of the maker + supporter of this law and their lawyers. Let us see what lawmakers and their enforcement apparatus download on the net in their spare time. And: Once the law is coming into force and the sales of copyrighted material declines furthermore, the supporter of this law have to answer serious questions, publicly.

Comment Re:I don't get it (either) (Score 1) 117

_ there are already under heavy fire + it is not friendly. Hotfile, rapidshare etc. are deleting probably more files than they get uploads. You pay them for file hosting + file sharing. They don't bill you for files and they don't say the files are legal. But a word about the phrase "... by selling music without paying artists, songwriters or producers for their work." from the artical above. A Artist, songwriter + producer, the creative, gets under 10 per cent of every record/cd sell. The music industries revenue is 90 per cent.

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