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Comment Personal history, meh (Score 1) 231

I'm less concerened about the quack looking for my personal history than I was by one using google for diagnosis and drug interactions. He made no attempt to conceal it either, he pointed out the results on screen to me. That was rather surprising but hey, sometimes I use google to help me diagnose a fault...

Comment These had an impact on me (Score 1) 700

There are lots but I think these made tangible changes to the way I think Animal Farm - My Dad was a socialist, its was the first time I questioned his political dogma The Amiga ROM Kernel manuals Code Complete - 1st ed. Steve McConnell The Art of Electronics - Horowitz & Hill The BSA Bantam Haynes Manual - 32 years on I'm still spannering bikes The Camel book RSGB Radio Communications Handbook (an ancient pre-transistors copy) The Cuckoos Egg

Comment Re:tick tock (Score 1) 283

Meh, the world is getting full - we need more ways for numbers to be reduced. Before you suggest it I'm already trying to do my bit by risking my life by commuting on a motorcycle every morning, and plenty of drivers do their bit by trying to kill me but oddly theres usually no speeding involved.

Comment Re:Unfortunately the replacement service is far wo (Score 1) 211

The newer system doesn't include detailed local news and weather either - when fell walking in the Lake District I could look at teletext to instantly see how low the cloud would be, windspeed etc. you don't get that on the dumbed down national weather forecast or the regional weather pages. There used to be 10 pages of local news on Ceefax, that has gone too. Sure I can get this on the Internet but if I'm staying in a holiday cottage I probably dont have a connection.

Comment Gene Wolfe (Score 1) 647

The whole New Sun, Long Sun, Short Sun series. Very rewarding and much of it only makes sense when you've read all of it. Then you'll want to read it again to pick up all the clues and references you missed the first time around :-)

Comment Re:It's an arms race.. (Score 1) 292

When I see how my grandkids are being raised I feel sad. They don't get to do shit.

As I said to one of my kids - My youth was charecterized by what you could do, fly to the moon, travel at insane speeds, do fantastic stuff. His youth is charecterized by what he's not allowed to do. Sad indeed.

Comment Re:It's an arms race.. (Score 2) 292

My friends had no lawn darts so they came up with a game that involved a piece of foam rubber on each shoulder and an old open face crash helmet. Throw a dartboard dart high in the air and try and 'catch' it by letting it stick in your crash helmet as it comes back down. What could possibly go wrong!

Comment Re:Time to ditch my iPad (Score 1) 181

Been there done that, gave my IPod away in disgust and put Linux on my Mac. Naturally Apple couldn't care less about that and only geeks will be interested at the moment. However they should care, I was trialling Apple hardware at work; the trial has been abandoned and when friends and colleagues ask my geek opinion I no longer recommend Apple.

Comment Re:Put another way (Score 1) 95

That's a matter of opinion. I may not be representative of the general public but for a variety of reasons OS X doesn't work for me so my Mac Pro got set up to dual boot OS X and Kubuntu. While I am a geek I was surprised to find the wife and kids almost always choose to use Kubuntu day to day, even though the default is OS X. In fact about the only thing the kids use OS X for is Lego software.

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