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Comment Re:That reserves memory, it doesn't add bounds che (Score 1) 208

Umm, no. *(ptr + 20) is different from those above. That would translate to *(char**) (((void*) ptr) + sizeof(char*) * 20). Whilst ptr[0][20] and (*ptr)[20] translate to *(char*) (((void*) (*ptr)) + sizeof(char) * 20).
And (ptr + 20) is even worse since it's completely missing dereferences.

Your printf example is correct though, but not relevant to the current case.

Comment Re:Toxicity? (Score 2) 155

Interestingly this last link refers to CO2's 'low toxicity'.

Well, CO2 isn't really that toxic. You'll die if you breath in pure CO2 anyway though. But that's because you'll suffocate since it is heavier than air and therefore remain in your lungs and prevents any new oxygen-rich air from entering.

It will also fill up closed spaces like basements and you'll basically drown in it.

Comment Re:told us... (Score 3, Informative) 70

Yes, actually. At least here in Sweden. At the end of the year your employer, your bank etc report your total income for the year, and some other things that affect tax (like loan interest expenses, savings interest income. Also if you have used some tax deductible services (i.e. home renovation) those companies have to report that as well. Then sometime during spring the tax department sends out a preprinted form to you. If everything is correct you can just sign it and send it back. Otherwise you fill in the changes, sign it and send it back. Or, if you don't feel like beeing a luddite you can use the online service to see and sign the form even before it arrives in the mail.
Then you have until august (I think) to pay your taxes. Except your employer already deducted a standard amount of taxes on your salary and payed it for you, so most likely you will get a tax return instead. Which is payed to you in august as well, except if you used the online service. In that case you receive it in june.

So to sum the process up:
1) Log in to online service during spring.
2) Sign prefilled online form.
3) (No step three)
4) PROFIT (aka tax return around midsummer)

Comment Re:Tiresome (Score 1) 55

If Google, Microsoft etc choose to do business in the EU they'll have to follow the laws there. As you say, they can pull out. But as long as they choose to stay they'll have to live with the laws there or face penalties if they break them. It applies equally to all companies doing business there, domestic and foreign. The list of European companies brought up on anti-competiive charges is quite long, it just doesn't get quite as much international attention.

Submission + - EU parliament supports suspending US data sharing

egladil writes: As seen previously here on slashdot the European Parliament was to vote on 'whether existing data sharing agreements between the two continents should be suspended, following allegations that U.S. intelligence spied on EU citizens.' With the votes now having been cast, the result is 483 in favor of the resolution and 98 against, while 65 abstained.
The resolution in question in part called for the USA 'to suspend and review any laws and surveillance programs that "violate the fundamental right of EU citizens to privacy and data protection," as well as Europe's "sovereignty and jurisdiction."', in part decided that the EU should investigate the surveillance of EU citizens, and finally gave backing to the European Commision in case they should decide to suspend the data sharing deals currently in place with the USA, such as the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP) agreements.
The question now is whether the EU commision will go through with suspending these deals or not.

Submission + - Ed Snowden leaves Hong Kong for Moscow 3

hazeii writes: Ed Snowden, the US whistleblower responsible for exposing the degree to which the US watches its own citizens (as well as the rest of the world) is reported as having left Hong Kong for Moscow. According to the South China Morning Post, he is on a commercial flight to Russia but intriguingly it seems this is not his final destination. It's not clear whether this move is in response to the US request to extradite him.

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