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Submission + - Caltech Professor Seeks to Destroy an Egyptian University for Political Ambition (

egNuKe writes: Ahmed Zewail, a Caltech Professor and Noble Prize laureate, has used his political power in Egypt to kick a whole university (Nile University) off its 127 acres campus and use it as the corner stone of his own university (shamelessly called "Zewail University") which will launch after a year or two.

Right now, NU students and staff are participating in a sit in in front of their stolen buildings. All political and legal actions have been fruitless so far due to Zewail's momentous political weight in Egypt (thanks to being a Nobel laureate). One example: a lawsuit filed by NU professors against their unlawful eviction from their campus has been put on hold for 10 months now while waiting for house of experts report.

I hope that slashdot would give the story enough worldwide exposure to put pressure on all involved parties to reach a fair solution or compromise. Either way, what's your advice for NU students and staff?

Unfortunately, most of the material available online about the conflict is written in Arabic. But you can read and for a quick summary.
You can also contact @SaveNileU on twitter for more details/discussion.


Submission + - Guinness Dissed For Custom-Tailoring E3 Awards (

egNuKe writes: MegaGames is dissing Guinness World Records, claiming that wold record awards given out during the E3 were custom tailored to fit Microsoft, Sony, EA and SEGA.

The article's intro reads: "Guinness World Records might be "the global authority on record-breaking achievements" – as it calls itself – but during E3 it looked to me like a lover stuck between three grumpy girls that he couldn't compliment one of them without angering the other. His solution? Simple: just praise and offer custom-tailored awards for each of them, even if you had to pull those award criterions from your behind."

Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 311

Everybody "recognizes that we do not err out of laziness, stupidity, or evil intent," but those are still the reasons behind most errors. I don't think the society has imposed an "impossible burden of trying to be permanently right" on anybody; it just imposes a reasonable burden of trying not to make mistakes because they are lazy, stupid, incompetent, untrained, evil, etc... AFAIK, that's the whole point behind trials and parliament hearings. One more thing, we can't rule out the fact that some people are stupid. To put it in the theory's lingo: the inductive reasoning of those people generates conclusions are probabilistically false.

Comment The cap size is not the problem (Score 1) 3

Actually, the caps are not the problem. The problem is having the same caps and prices enforced by all ISPs in Egypt, and having no true unlimited option anywhere across the country. Also, this has been applied on existing customers who have signed contracts for unlimited bandwidth with no caps. This is a clear breach of contract. Problem is, a court decision wouldn't be reached before a year or 2.
The Internet

Submission + - Egyptian government and ISPs cap all DSL plans 3

egNuKe writes: Nobody can pinpoint when the agreement was penned, but the Egyptian NTRA (National Telecom Regulatory Authority) allowed/ordered All Egyptian ISPs to cap existing and new DSL subscriptions. The new limits haven't been announced publicly and customer support denies that they exist.
Currently, there is no way to get unlimited internet access in Egypt for speeds up to 24 Mbps and the caps vary from 25 GB/Month for 512 Kbps to 250 GB/Month for 24 Mbps.
If you know what you're looking for, you can find a document explaining the new "Fair Use Policy" hidden in most Egyptian ISPs websites. As far as I could tell, the document is the same regardless of the provider. Here is the Link.

Apart from suing the NTRA and ISPs for breach of existing contracts and mass boycotting of internet, what should the egyptian internet users do ?

Comment They are not copyrighting Geometrical shapes (Score 1) 393

I know that this is /. and nobody reads tfa, so here is what every other comment missed/ignored:
Egypt is not copyrighting the pyramids. They are copyrighting exact replicas of any Egyptian monument.

From tfa :

the monumental Luxor Hotel in the US gambling capital of Las Vegas ... was "not an exact copy of pharaonic monuments despite the fact it's in the shape of a pyramid." On its website, the luxury hotel describes itself as "the only pyramid shaped building in the world," but Hawass said its interior was entirely different from an ancient Egyptian setting.

Submission + - Top PC Games Heading to Mac Finally

egNuKe writes: It has been argued that the main reason preventing most home users from switching to Mac OS and/or Linux is their lack of good games. But this may be changing finally. id's latest 3d engine will run on Mac OS and EA has decided to release its major titles to OSX . Rumors that Steve Ballmer was heard screaming "I'll f*ckin kill Apple" are still yet unconfirmed.

Submission + - Open Challenge To Improve Movie Content Protection (

HarryCaul writes: Now you too can make money by contributing to the improvment of DRM! The news blog NewTeeVee reports that "Motion Picture Laboratories" is offering up a number of open challenges to improve the protection of movies, both in theaters and in the home. According to the article, "Promising proposals will receive grants anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 to continue research. These are "strictly problems we think smart people want to solve," CEO Steve Weinstein told me (NewTeeVee) over the phone yesterday."

Challenges include- Remote Content Access, Theatrical Anti-Camcording, and Hiding of Cryptographic Keys, among others.

Founding members of Motion Picture Labs include Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Disney, and Warner Bros.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - OLPC fights cheap laptops

egNuKe writes: According to DailyTech, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of OLPC is criticizing Intel for offering The Classmate laptop at a competitive price. Negroponte even accused Intel of trying to "drive him out of market". He claimed that Intel is doing so because OLPC uses AMD processors. Negroponte also accused Intel of exposing the OLPC's shortcomings when they compare it to their Classmte in their presentations. So in a nutshell, OLPC creator has the nerve to ask for a product removed just because it is a viable competitor to his (charity?) product.

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