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Comment Re:Sub Contracting (Score 1) 1216

They won't split up a company, they'll outsource the labor. They will still get the profitable output from the worker, but at a difference price. Those bigger companies may also decide not to operate in Switzerland. I also disagree about small businesses not being affected. Let's say the lowest paid worker makes $10 an hour. I don't know the average wage in Switzerland, but let's just go with it. That's $20,800 a year. That means the CEO can only make $249,600. That will affect many businesses, not just big companies. There's many ways to get money out of a business, so CEOs will still get paid. And I completely disagree about common success. The business owner makes the risk to start the business. Employees trade their time for money. Some owners may be generous and reward employees with equity, but that's optional. That whole "you didn't build that" line is a load of crap.

Comment Re:Sub Contracting (Score 1) 1216

Exactly. It would actually screw the lower paid workers. My biggest problem with that policy is that it will also cover private companies and small businesses. If someone pours blood sweat and tears into a company and then becomes successful, it's right they should take whatever salary they want. It's the main motivation for starting a company. Without that, who's going to create new jobs?

Comment Re:The "recent news" was retracted... (Score 1) 172

I wouldn't agree with that. Almost every free app in the Android market is "adware" because that's how the author's get paid. When they bundle spyware into the product, then it becomes malware IMHO. I would agree that Counterclank is really pushing being malware, but Symantec had good reason to back off on their report.

Submission + - WebOS to Become Open Source (

efriese writes: Hewlett-Packard said it is open sourcing WebOS and the Enyo application framework. Company officials told ZDNet that open sourcing WebOS was the best move after the company reviewed the various possibilities for the mobile operating system.

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