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Comment I'll Take the Derivative (Score 1) 193

I would much prefer a derivative desktop that I enjoyed using than a desktop that stands on its own but I find frustrating.

Furthermore, in my opinion it isn't the lack of communication; it is putting a few "designers" preferences over what looks good over the function and workflow of users and former users. At this point I don't trust the GNOME leadership enough to even use classic. Thankfully I am enjoying Cinnamon and am finally back on Linux.

Comment Re:Obligatory Discussions (Score 1) 196

Because I can quickly without touching anything see the percentage I am in a webpage which I can't with auto-hiding scroll bars. Moreover, scroll bars are at the side of the screen which cost me nothing on a large widescreen monitor as those spots are otherwise dead space.

Moreover, what I'm saying is that the stuff that worked for the last 20 years shouldn't be mucked about with without a good reason. You claim they are improving things, I can claim with as much evidence that they are screwing things up. Given use statistics I can actually make my claim with strong evidence and you have: "cuz Apple does it on a 3 inch screen."

Furthermore, there is no way you can call what is at the side of Safari on iOS a scroll bar. You can't select it, it is hardly visible and you certainly can't jump ahead. Long documents are difficult with such an interface.

Comment Re:Let's be fair! (Score 1) 196

We agree the dock is fundamentally broken and that Macs don't do what I need them to do because of muscle memory (and surely this impacts others) and I can't say that Macs suck? Of course they suck. Those are all easy preference settings. And Windows should have the same preference settings for Mac refugees so Windows sucks too. But I'd happily pick Windows over Apple or GNOME.

Comment Re:Obligatory Discussions (Score 1) 196

I don't want my desktop with its two large monitors acting like your touch screen mobile device (which doesn't have scroll bars, so I don't know why you claim they validate auto-hiding). So I think I'll stay with the tried and true desktop metaphor instead of letting you decide what options I should even have to look at. With scroll bars this leaves me... just about everything but GNOME.

And scroll bars aren't the real issue with me. I want alt-tab to work the same way it has worked for me the last 20 years (the mac style drives me crazy, an actual blocker). I want menu bars on the window not at the top. I want quick launch so I can click with a mouse and launch the app. I want a taskbar and I find "overview mode" actively hostile to those of us with any sort of ADHD. Again, not a problem. Windows 7, KDE (finally) and Cinnamon all fit the bill. GNOME seems to find all of those outlandish requests. Scroll bars are just more of the same where GNOME "designers" know better and yet fewer and fewer people use GNOME.

Comment Re:Obligatory Discussions (Score 1) 196

What wouldn't be difficult would be a preference box (which I would leave as off, but whatever on the default). Want to wager if that will happen? ;-)

Your claim that auto-hiding scroll bars work perfectly for everyone needs a citation. I don't believe there has been any usability testing.

Comment Re:Let's be fair! (Score 1) 196

The Dock isn't fixed position so you can use memory to start the pointer to the correct spot.

Not sure what you mean, computer memory or brain memory? I use folder shortcuts on the right-hand side of the dock and set the view to "list." Then I click in the same spot each time and start typing the name of the item I need. Very efficient.

All I know is that by default the applications change position on the bottom of the doc as you open up files and programs. Dislike.

Can't get normal alt-tab to work.

Again, not sure what you mean. I have no difficulty using Command-tab to switch applications and Command-~ to switch windows. I hate using Exposé and trackpad gestures.

How nice for you. After 20 years using windows and linux systems I can't change my muscle memory to use both command-tab and command~. I want command-tab to cycle through open windows and that apparently isn't configurable. I've tried on and off for a year to adjust to the Mac way and just isn't happening. This is a blocker and I don't know why I even tried to get use to it. Computers should adjust to me, I shouldn't adjust to a computer.

Can't get menu bars on the actual window.

On the plus side, the menu bar is always visible and you don't have to zero in on each window's narrow menu bar to click a menu. Fitts' Law and all that.

I will happily give up the fraction of a fraction of a second to Fitt's Law and look at the right damn spot. I think this is especially hostile to people with any sort of ADHD as we look at a bunch of other tasks and windows as our eyes travel to the top of the screen and away from where we are working. I'd also point out that Tog did all his Fitt's Law testing on the speeds (and I really don't care about such an insignificant time gain) back on a 6" screen.

Maximize doesn't.

That's because it's not a maximize button; it's a 'zoom' button. It switches between the application's default window size and the user's custom size.

I'd rather have a maximize button. A button that will give you a half dozen different sizes when you click it six times in a row is simply broken. And yes, depending on ads in a browser it will happily do that. I'm sceptical about it being a user's custom size when it merrily is any size it feels like every time I hit that tiny little button (where did Fitt's go there?)

Overall, I find the Mac interface much more pleasant to use than the alternatives, but I'm still waiting for someone to invent a GUI that is fully configurable and can load your preferred settings in one step.

I'll agree with wanting a system that would load my settings; I'd happily given $$$ for a system that let me configure it in hours let alone one step. Mac and GNOME won't do either for me. And while it is nice for you that the Apple interface works well for you, I find it about as pleasant as working with a needle in my eye.

Comment Re:Let's be fair! (Score 1) 196

Because Macs suck even more? The Dock isn't fixed position so you can use memory to start the pointer to the correct spot. Can't get normal alt-tab to work. Can't get menu bars on the actual window. Maximize doesn't.

Comment Re:Notifications in calendar (Score 1) 196

Most of my notifications are clearly not associated with time in any way shape or form. You are also locking notifications into a particular calendar program. If you are using a different calendar it seems a bit hostile to force you to use GNOME's.

Comment Re:Gnome??? (Score 1) 196

This is GNOME 3.16. Why would I compare a .0 with the 8th release?
Frankly I think a lot of the criticism in 2.0 was justified and it isn't this blink hate of GNOME from slashdot that gets portrayed in the GNOME community, which looking at later releases of GNOME 2 adequately demonstrates.

Personally I find DEs with overview mode hostile to those with ADHD. And some of the bugs with regressions are simply too painful to fathom. I use minimize to change the order of alt-tab. This was impossible in GNOME for well over a year in both Shell and Classic because Jon McCann thought fullscreen was "ugly." People using fullscreen were also more than a bit put out.

So while it is nice that you think it is improving, any group that claims to say form follows function and then does crap like that while treating its users and former users with such disdain is certainly not for me. That and I just can't get past the overview mode. I don't need additional flashing.

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