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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - NOAA Blows $4 Mil in Taxpayer Dollars on Birthday

AbsoluteXyro writes: The newly appointed National Hurricane Center director Director Bill Proenza has revealed that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is blowing $4 million in taxpayer dollars on NOAA's 200th anniversary celebration, while at the same time cutting $700,000 from hurricane research. WeatherMatrix founder Jesse Ferrel points out in his blog some of NOAA's ridiculous birthday spending, as well as the fact that it is only NOAA's 37th anniversary.

Submission + - Bill and Melinda Gates honorary doctors of medicin

A Pirate writes: "Bill and Melinda Gates have been dubbed honorary doctors of medicine by karolinska Institutet. They receive this distinction for their work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The article mentions the fact that it is not just because they donate money, but because they do it in in a scientific way to ensure that the money comes to good use and improve the quality of life in the long run. Up to date they've donated over 7.8 billion dollars to better causes. They will receive their distinctions next month at the Stockholm City Hall."

Submission + - DX 10 on XP, MacOS X, Linux: is it possible?

javipas writes: "A young programmer leading the 'Alky Project' has reverse-engineered the Geometry Shader code on DX10, and if what he says is true, running DX10 apps and games will be possible on plattforms different from Windows Vista. Microsoft made clear that DX 10 would only be available through Vista and compatible hardware, so being able to run DX10 on Windows XP, MacOS X or even Linux could be really interesting. The current preview allows to run several examples of the DirecX SDK on Windows XP. Promising."

Submission + - Nokia Introduces Remote Device Access Service

efence writes: Nokia has announced a free service for mobile developers that enables them to run Symbian OS applications remotely on various models of Nokia phones. Announcement:

Remote Device Access (RDA) technology enables remote access to mobile devices over the Internet. The system consists of a device pool connected to a server, and users connecting to the server in order to remotely use the devices. Once a user has connected to a device, the screen of the device is transfered to the user's desktop in real time. In addition, the user can install applications on the device, transfer files, and analyze log files in real time. This enables developers to test their mobile applications and services on various Nokia devices based on Symbian OS.

Credit-Card Data Breaches Drive Security Solutions 43

4foot10 writes with a link to a CRN article about the booming business of PCI adoption. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was worked out by credit card companies as a guideline for securing customer data. As a series of high-profile customer information leaks have occurred over the last year, the business is increasingly getting lucrative for those who can keep up. "As PCI-related business begins to boom, security VARs and integrators find themselves in the enviable position of having almost too much work to handle. And there's plenty of room for the market to grow: Visa estimates that just 36 percent of Level 1 merchants (which process more than 6 million credit-card transactions annually) and 15 percent of Level 2 merchants (which process at least 1 million) have complied with PCI. Solution providers can either handle PCI-related assessments of companies' networks and then recommend solutions to address holes, or provide the remediation services after an audit, which often requires companies to implement firewalls or encryption to their networks."
The Internet

Tactics in the Porn Industry's Fight Against Piracy 113

An anonymous reader writes "A C|Net article discusses the technological innovations being used by the porn industry to ensure they stay relevant (like streaming HD-quality feeds and remote interaction), as well as profitable. Live performances and cutting-edge technology combine to ensure a steady stream of revenue in the age of free downloads. 'Now Kink.com is on the cutting edge of the fight against video piracy. While mainstream entertainment outlets like Viacom and NBC complain noisily about YouTube, Kink.com, with neither the resources nor the mainstream appeal of its giant counterparts, is in an even tougher fight: Protecting the content it produces that's continually copied and reposted on the dozens of Web sites that traffic in poached adult material.'"

Submission + - Phone Companies Block Access to FreeConference

An anonymous reader writes: Got this email forwarded from a friend:

Dear FreeConference User:

AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, and Qwest Are Blocking Your Conference Calling

As of Friday, March 9, it's come to our attention that Cingular Wireless has begun blocking all conference calls made from Cingular handsets to selected conference numbers. If you call our service, you receive a recording that says, "This call is not allowed from this number. Please dial 611 for customer service".

Earlier this week, Sprint and Qwest joined in this action, blocking cellular and land line calls to these same numbers. This appears to be a coordinated effort to force you to use the paid services they provide, eliminating competition and blocking your right to use the conferencing services that work best for you.

Don't Let AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, or Qwest Take Away Your Right to Use the Conference Service of Your Choice!

We Need Your Help! Please Take the Actions Below:

Whether you are one of their customers, or an organizer who is being impacted by these anticompetitive actions, please file a complaint with the FCC or send an email to your State Attorney General to complain about this monopolistic practice to limit the choices of consumers.

You can also let these companies know how you feel about their attempt to block competitive services:
Sprint Customers can click here or dial *2 from their Sprint Phone
Cingular Customers can click here or call 1-888-333-6651
Qwest Customers can click here or call 1-800-860-2255
Your FreeConference Team remains steadfastly committed to bringing you simple, convenient and reliable conferencing services at the lowest cost possible. We appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Your FreeConference Team

Submission + - Rocket-plane could sniff out Martian methane

Matthew Sparkes writes: "A rocket-powered plane may offer the best chance of finding the mysterious source of Mars's methane. Some believe that the gas could come from living micro-organisms because it quickly breaks down when exposed to sunlight. NASA say an aeroplane that can suck in and analyse gas directly from the Martian atmosphere has the best chance of locating sources of the methane. In the new plan, the ARES plane would enter Mars's atmosphere protected by a heat shield, drift close to the surface on a parachute, then cut loose at an altitude of 1.5 kilometres for a rocket-powered flight."

Submission + - Beryl 0.2.0 Released!

**loki969** writes: "Beryl 0.2.0 is a complete overhaul of Beryl. The last stable release 0.1, featured a very fun, and eye-candy based compositing window manager. However, since it's release, many parts of beryl have been rewritten, replaced, or simply dropped. The Beryl team has put in numerous hours to bring you this release. It's filled with fun, eye-candy, better user support, new features, and most of all, stability."


Submission + - Hacker Defeats Hardware-based Rootkit Detection

Manequintet writes: "Joanna Rutkowska's latest bit of rootkit-related research shatters the myth that hardware-based (PCI cards or FireWire bus) RAM acquisition is the most reliable and secure way to do forensics. At this year's Black Hat Federal conference, she demonstrated three different attacks against AMD64 based systems, showing how the image of volatile memory (RAM) can be made different from the real contents of the physical memory as seen by the CPU. The overall problem, Rutkowska explained, is the design of the system that makes it impossible to reliably read memory from computers. "Maybe we should rethink the design of our computer systems so they they are somehow verifiable," she said."

Submission + - Springer

Roland writes: "Contrary to the current trend of economic utilisation of scientific material. Springer/Kluwer has aggreed to provide access to proceedings of quite current International Conferences on Communities and Technologies (C&T).
They are now available on the WWW. They cover the periode 2003 — 2005.

You can find them here http://iisi.de/114.0.html and here http://iisi.de/113.0.html .

Imo it is a good sign that Springer/Kluwer is providing material for free."

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