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Comment Re:Better QWERTY Phone? (Score 1) 291

The LG Optimus F3Q actually supports most frequencies and protocols (850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM; Bands I/II/IV/V UMTS*. GPRS Class 12, EDGE, UMTS (W-CDMA), HSDPA*), it's just carrier locked to T-mobile. They will unlock it after 40 days and you can move it. I had a friend of mine do a straw purchase for me and they didn't give him any trouble. AT&T helped me get it set up for use on my contract.

Comment I have one of these (Score 2) 291

I have one of these phones, and I love it. It has a physical QWERTY keyboard, which basically no other phones released in the past year or so have. I have not run into most of the problems the poster has, but mostly because I don't do most of the silly things he does. For instance, I turned autocorrect off on day one and leave it off. Problem solved. Messaging app? That crap is for teeny-boppers.

I think the web form problems are actually due to silly things the web site is doing rather than the phone itself. I've run into that problem myself, but only on some sites. To conquer the special characters problem, try holding down the fn key while pressing the second key instead of pressing one then the other.

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