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The Internet

Could We Beam Broadband Internet Into Iran? 541

abenamer writes "Some reporter at a recent White House press briefing just asked the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, this question: Was 'the White House....considering beaming broad capability into Iran via satellite so the opposition forces would be able to communicate with themselves and the outside world?' 'Gibbs said he didn't know such a thing was possible. (Is it?) But he said he would check on the technological feasibility and get back with an answer.' I'm not sure what the reporter meant by beaming broadband into Iran: Do they even have 3G? Would we bomb the Iranians with SIM cards that would allow them to get text messages from the VOA? Or somehow put up massive Wi-Fi transmitters from Iraq and beam it into Iran? How would you beam broadband into Iran?"

Comment Re:Be sure you understand how risky going it alone (Score 4, Insightful) 412

Agree with cduffy. If they are offering you "car" or "downpayment on a small house" amounts, then you may wish to consider going it alone. But if they are offering you F U money, then think very hard about it. Many best technologies don't succeed, and almost as often, the founders donot get much of it because of dilution or getting forced out by the board or any other number of reasons. If you are looking at over $1M or so going to you, then think very hard about passing it up. Even if the money is less, having experience making and selling a company is a huge gold star to any VC or angel investor for your next company. By the way, if you are really serious, get better advice than /. Talk to VCs, your clients and your advisors or mentors.

Comment look in other areas (Score 1) 301

I am an industrial mathematician in Finance and this is not a rant. Mathematical finance pays well. Not as well as people say (ususally) and those jobs that do pay are generally hellish in terms of hours and stress. That said there is no comparing pay in finance and, say, topology. That is part of why I entered the field in 1998. Now the landscape is different. There are thousands of new quants entering the field every year, and the university departments make money on the tuition of almost every one, especially the math departments. The best people will be paid very well. However the long term outlook for the quant labor market has negative pressure on wages becuase of increasing supply and diminishing demand. Alphas are going down for quant strategies. There is lots of data available to support this. That means less money coming in. The game is getting harder. I would look at areas to look at large data sets such as Bayesian methods or times series or other computational mathematics. The revolution in biology is going to make some very hard math problems, as will the enormous databases that are popping up all over. Check out Hal Varian for a taste of what I mean. By the way, take numerical analysis. The course sucked for me, but it has proved so helpful in so many situations it is not even funny. Best of luck, Edwastaken

Comment my baby monitoring experience (Score 2, Informative) 481

I have found audio monitors work well. I have a philips 900Mhz that works well although it does pick up occasional static. I tried a 2.4Ghz but in my area of silicon valley I get worse range with it. These things are very dependant on construction. Audio only is fine and I don't worry about breathing but just crying. If you are worried that the baby is not breathing then video will not make you feel better. I tried a 2-way radio (walkie talkie), but getting the right signal to noise was tough and it just ended up broadcasting static. Do recall that almost any system will end up bugging your house. Not that your baby crying is something anyone wants to see. I took the wireless monitor and baby on vacation recently and oh, how great! We could put our 6 month old to sleep for the evening and go to the hotel restaurant. That was great and relaxing. -Whatever you decide, set it up now. In the first few months the sleep deprivation makes troubleshhoting very hard. So set up the monitoring system, the web site photo gallery and any other technical or software projects before the baby comes. -Best of luck and have fun.

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