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Comment Streaming sucks (Score 1) 88

Yeah, I haven't asked for a refund YET; but was thinking about it. It is horrible. It only works with IE or Chrome and then only sometimes. It keeps giving a wrong browser page even saying only works with Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 - gives the error page when running IE11 or Chrome. Then, when it does come up in the browser, it won't actually start streaming - only timing out. I have Comcast internet and I have tried to use it everyday for a week; but it has only started streaming one default show ONCE and even that stopped after 2 minutes. So yes, it is a PoS right now, so wish I hadn't prepaid the 1st month and just taken the free month trial. Hopefully they will fix it in the next week or so. If not, then it will have to be one of those 'learning experiences' in getting bent over by AT&T which I should have already known.

Comment Under investigation for 1990s sexual assaults?!?! (Score 1) 251

Could it be that he was forced by the BBC to leave after it was announced that the police were going to investigate him for sexual assaults in the 1990s? This story has spread in the UK a lot and seems to push to a bigger reason why he left. OR it could just be more of a smear campaign; but his leaving sure does let the BBC off the hook with him and Top Gear.

Comment Get them free from old Windows. (Score 1) 296

You can simply go to an XP system, and download the application exes (they're tiny 1.19MB for all) for Freecell, Hearts, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Spider Solitaire (plus a dll called cards.dll) and then just paste somewhere (program files if you want) and make shortcuts - they work perfectly on my 8.1 pro system and I would assume they would work fine on a 10 system. Personally, I like the old style MS games rather than the new 8 style.

Comment Re:Some of the models were underage (Score 1) 307

There is major issue with the truth of the claim of being underage. Almost all of the pics in question actually show that they were taken after the subjects were 18. Can that info be faked? Don't know. Also, if they were under 18, then they have to be prosecuted for child pornography themselves. Yep, in a lot of states, if a minor takes a nude picture and sends it to the cloud that is considered distribution. If they sent that picture to ANYONE (boyfriend, etc.) even if that person doesn't forward it, that is still distribution of child pornography.

Comment Reddit's hypocrisy knows no bounds (Score 1) 307

It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with Reddit's allowing or disallowing such subreddits - the only real issue is that the mods are total hypocrites. They ban this subreddit and have banned another one or two in the past ONLY because there is lots of bad press; yet they allow subreddits such as /r/photoplunder which is the EXACT same as TheFappening except it doesn't have FAMOUS people with press and lawyers but it is nothing but stolen cell phone pics of women. /r/realgirls/ is the mostly the same. And there are many more. This isn't a matter of do you think the pictures should or shouldn't be posted, it is Reddit saying that posting stolen pictures is totally wrong and banning a subreddit but NOT banning other threads that are EXACTLY like the banned sub just not having 1. famous people with lawyers complaining and/or 2. the press clamoring about the other subreddits. Hilariously, everytime Reddit has had stories in the press about certain subreddits being so bad, they have proclaimed their piety and the evil of said subreddit and banned it; but ONLY IF THERE IS BAD PRESS. No press, well then let that it fly. The issue is that Reddit should simply pick a side and stay true - either ban EVERY SUBREDDIT that breaks the supposed Reddit rules or don't ban any subreddits and fight.

Comment Re:alternatives (Score 2) 408

The biggest problem with Join.Me is that you have to have someone on the remote system to allow you mouse control. This is fine if you are doing 'live' remote desktop tech support or having an online meeting; but if you need to remotely get on a system say at night to do maintenance, repair, etc. then you are out of luck. Also, Join.Me has some problems with multiple monitors, UAC warnings, and some commands. I use Join.Me all the time to help my clients but you have to be aware of its limitations. For example, with Join.Me, you do not even see the UAC warnings; but it will 'drop' your control until someone on the remote system clicks OK on the warning. The limited uses is solved by simply not having an account or not logging in to it - just go to, go to APPS, then download the windows application, install and then click on SHARE. Then give the person remoting in the 9 digit number and wait for them to join. Then wait for them to click on the REQUEST MOUSE CONTROL and click to allow and you're good to go - just don't leave if they do anything to get a UAC pop-up or if you have more than one monitor. Join.Me has been nice legally as they state that you can use it free (limited number of people can connect in at the same time) for personal or commercial use which most free apps are not free for any business use.

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 5, Informative) 139

The Argentine subs 'wreaking havoc'?!!? Argentina had TWO subs total. The 1st sub, the ARA Sante Fe was used to land some commandoes then later was caught on the surface by a helo and was too stupid to dive and so damaged by the helo's rockets and depth charges that it had to be beached on the coast with the crew later being captured. The 2nd sub, ARA San Luis, did patrol and did make three attacks on British ships but never hit ANY targets and were counter-attacked for over 20hours. The sub was in bad shape as its fire-control systems were completely down requiring all attacks to be calculated and launched manually. There were problems with torpedoes, equipment, etc. Argentinian submarines didn't do much and didn't effect the outcome of the war at all. Now the British had three subs in the area with 2, the HMS Spartan and HMS Splendid being mainly used as successful scouts of the location and movement of Argentinian naval vessels. And the 3rd sub, the HMS Conqueror, not only engaged but also sunk the Argentine Cruiser ARA General Belgrano with heavy loss of life. It did this using WWII vintage straight-running torpedoes instead of modern torps. It easily left the scene while the Belgrano sank. After the loss of the Belgrano, all Argentinian Naval ships stayed within 12 miles of the Argentine coast for the rest of the war. The Argentinians on the Belgrano and escorts had no idea the Conqueror was even there until her torpedoes stuck. Where as the British surface ships could detect and defeat the Argentine subs and were not detered by them at all. Argentinian subs - did nothing to really help their side and in fact lost half of their sub fleet while doing no damage to any British vessels but British subs had no losses, sank an enemy cruiser after which the entire Argentine Navy stayed within 12 miles of their own shores never venturing out to even hint at engaging the British. British subs sinks one cruiser and the Argentinians give up the entire naval engagement/war. Heck, just the threat of British subs in the area of the Falklands kept Argentine merchant vessels from the area denying any sea-lift / support from Argentine ground forces. Source:

Comment Somethings to remember (Score 1) 732

1. All merchants who want to do this have to post a clearly written notice on their front doors (or at the register) stating the %amount of the fee. Or at the time of the transaction the fee has to be clearly stated as a Processing Fee - it cannot be hidden as something else. Web sites have to clearly state the fee either on their home page or on the checkout page when you start to enter card information. 2. As stated 10 states cannot charge the fees due to state laws. If you are at a retailer that does business in those 10 states then they cannot charge a fee in your state as the rules state that if they charge fees in one state, they have to charge them in ALL states. 3. Law says you if you charge a fee for one credit card (say a visa) you have to charge the same for all credit cards (MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc). Amex rules state that charging a fee is against their rules, so if they take Amex, they cannot charge a fee. 4. All major retailers, etc. stated that they had no plans to start charging a fee. 5. Fee has to be clearly listed as a Processing Fee and cannot be hidden as to what it is. In fact Visa/MasterCard rules have always prohibited adding any fees to your charges to cover the card/bank fees. You were only allowed to add fees required by law (such as environ fee for tires, batteries, etc.). 6. The fee can only be for the actual amount the merchant pays as a processing fee. If they are charged 1.5% then they can only charge the customer 1.5% - they cannot just charge a blanket 4%. 7. These rules haven't even been approved by the courts - the case and even deal are taking so long, that the initial time to allow this fee came around and the deal hasn't been approved. If the judge says NO, then it could all go away again. 8. Most people have never read the rules that Visa, MasterCard, and Amex have over the retailers that take them. You really should because you have a lot of coverage and the card companies will investigate any violations reported to them. And I highly suggest that if you see a merchant violating the card rules, you report them.

Comment Zelazny again and a bunch of others (Score 1) 1244

Roger Zelazny is damn good. The Amber Series (both the original 5 about Corwin and the next 5 about his son Merlin) is awesome. but his best is the single book: A Night In The Lonesome October. That book totally kicks ass. Plus I would highly recommend the Amber Series and A Night In The Lonesome October on audio. They are read by Zelazny himself (except for book 10 of the Amber series as Zelazny died before he could read it). He has one of the best voices ever and since he is reading his own works, he gets the emotions, inflections, etc. perfect. Alan Dean Foster's Shadowkeep, Pip 'n Flinx, etc. Robert Lynn Aspirin's Myth series (at least the 1st six or eight then it got weird once Aspirin got writers block). David Drake's Hammers Slammers and Ranks of Bronze Keith Laumer's Bolo series (even the short story collections by other authors and a couple of books by others). David Eddings' Elenium and Tamuli series (I was never much of a fan of the Belgariad series personally) If you liked Robotech, the written series by Jack McKinney was pretty good. Frank Herbert's Dune series though the prequels by his son made the series a bit better/fleshed out more. I liked Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series though it needed to be in moderation / spread out - read too many in a row and they got harder to take Larry Niven's DreamPark series was good. John DeChancie's Castle series was entertaining. Christopher Stasheff's Warlock series ( at least the first five or so) was good as was the 1st four of his Wizard in Rhyme series.

Comment just a small piece of tape or post-it note (Score 2) 235

I have been telling my clients for years as more and more laptops have gotten built in cameras or more clients have webcams hooked up to their desktops -> put a piece of tape or a post-it note over the lens when not in use. I may be paranoid but it definitely keeps that camera from doing that.

Comment This is a state income not federal (Score 1) 866

Remember that this is an ballot initiative to impose a state income tax on residents of Washington state. This would be on top of the Federal income tax that they pay. I am not saying whether it is good or bad, just that it is an additional income tax. In some states like TN where I live, we don't have a state income tax; but we also have fairly high property taxes and a fairly high sales tax on everything. I would have no issue with TN getting a state income tax as long as they took away the sales tax and/or dropped the property tax to almost nothing; however, this will never happen because this is how the counties and cities get their money. I can understand that people have enough problem with the threats of their Federal income levels rising let alone adding another 5 to 9% tax at the the state level. Should they rich pay more in taxes since they make so much more? I don't know. But I can see where they would get a bit upset at more and more people trying to take more of the money that they earn away. But this is for the people of Washington state to decide. Though a flat tax definitely seems to make much more since at least on a Federal level.

Comment HUD was great on 95 GrandPrix GTP (Score 2, Interesting) 307

I don't know how useful / distracting an entire interactive windshield will be, and I can easily see possible issues; but I had a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with a true HUD that projected speed, turn indicators, etc. up on the glass. When you combined it with the radio control knobs on the steering wheel, I really only had to take my eyes off the road to look at the rear-view or side-view mirrors. It was not distracting at all even though it was directly in front of vision when looking straight out the front from the drivers seat; and it really helped / eased concentration in my opinion. It didn't add squat to the cost of the car and the only downside was that the windshield was expensive if you had to replace - you had to use a special coated one instead of just any replacement. Personally, I cannot figure out why all cars don't come with one. I truly miss mine.

Comment From personal experience (Score 0, Offtopic) 201

Well, I will say that I am glad that there is such heavy competition between nvidia and ATI; but I will also say that I do computer repair work for a living (over 15 years). I have had pretty much nothing but problems out of ATI cards over and over again. Driver errors, system lockups, etc. I have used all of the tools from both nvidia and ATI to make sure all drivers have removed from a system before putting in a new Radeon; but it is amazing that even going from one Radeon to another I get the same errors as going from an nvidia to an ATI card. ATI's technical support has always been very friendly but rarely can even help with the problem. Their normal solution: it must be a bad card so take it back and replace it. One time I did that just for shits and giggles - well I did it for 4 times until the local Best Buy said enough try something else. I put in a nvidia and it worked PERFECTLY the first time. I really wanted the Radeon to work. It was cheaper and from the benchmarks, had a little better performance than the geforce. But I wasted much money in time trying to get the thriced-damned radeon to work than I did paying $20 more for the geforce. This has happened again and again with ATI cards. I have tons of issues, get frustrated and get an nvidia card which works perfectly. So I swear off ATI. Then months down the road, the radeon gets awesome reviews and is cheaper so I 'give in' and try again. And the result - the same shit. So, I finally just said NO MORE, and told my clients to use only nvidia cards unless they are willing to pay for all of the time I have to fight with any ATI cards. What has happened? I have had no graphic card problems when installing new cards. Is this the same for everyone? NO. I have friends that do the same thing I do and most of them have had no where near the same problems with ATI cards. But for me, no more ATI Radeon cards.

Comment Everything is distracting and dangerous (Score -1, Troll) 464

There have been studies that show that talking to other people in the car is very distracting and dangerous - one study even concluded that talking to yourself was very dangerous and distracting. These same studies showed that eating or drinking (non-alcoholic drinks - even water) was very distracting and dangerous. Of course, they also showed that sneezing while driving was very distracting and dangerous. In other words, ANYTHING that isn't just driving is distracting and dangerous to your driving ability. So, let's make EVERYTHING illegal while driving (especially breathing cause that is definitely distracting and therefore dangerous).

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