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Comment Re:I'm convinced telemed is important... (Score 4, Insightful) 84

If you're an ER doc, what makes you qualified to criticize their statistics?

1) It is impressive that they managed to recruit so many patients for such a complicated study, and I don't think their sample size is that small in the first place.

2) If you do a power analysis, it won't tell you whether the 18% difference is "real" after you've already established statistical significance.

3) Regarding intravenous thrombolytics: So the 28% vs 23% is "not all that different". But could it make a difference to a few patients? The "lousy p-value" (p=.043) indicates a significant difference at alpha=.05, so I have no idea why you call it lousy.

Your post basically showed that ER docs will use the year of stats classes that they took in school to interpret research any damn way they want to.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Man called "nerd" on 'net, commits arson (

edsyc writes: "Russell Tavares, stationed in Virginia, became upset with a person who called him a "nerd" on the internet. So he found the guy's address, drove all the way to Texas, and burned the guy's trailer down when he got there. Tavares will now spend 7 years in prison.

If /.ers committed arson whenever they were called a nerd, the world would be on fire!"

The Internet

Submission + - US lags Industrialized nations in bandwidth (

Anonymous Coward writes: "USA Today relates that US consumer bandwidth lags behind other nations. Data from the Communications Workers of America says we lag far behind. From the article: "Speed matters on the Internet. A 10-megabyte file takes about 15 seconds to download with a 5-megabit connection — fast for the USA. Download time with a 545-kilobit connection, about the entry-level speed in many areas: almost 2½ hours." This data was allegedly taken from 'broadband' users. I could pull 10 megs in 20 minutes with dialup! Are they considering NetZero 'broadband?' My regular cable modem hits 5 megabits, and when I had DSL it wasn't that bad. I'm not sure of the angle here. Perhaps they are looking for more work for the cable-laying contingent of their union."
The Courts

Submission + - BTK killer busted by an rtf file (

edsyc writes: "This excerpt from a book on the BTK killer shows that you don't have to be a computer genius to be a serial killer. BTK sent a disk containing an rtf file to the local television station, and the cops then got the disk. The police department's "computer whiz" was smart enough to check the properties of the rtf file, which led to BTK's capture. Maybe BTK should have stuck with hand-written notes; or maybe used Linux?"

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