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Comment Re:Fragmentation. (Score 1) 284

How the hell are non-Chinese, for example, every going to figure out how to type a Chinese address?

Visit a dictionary site, lookup the words they need via Pinyin or English, and copy-paste into the URL field. Or, use a Chinese Javascript IME website. Or, write it down somewhere and type it directly via Punycode (probably possible). Or, find the site via Google based on a term they can remember (that's the only time I use "I'm Feeling Lucky", e.g. I search "ascii table" rather than remember if it's,,, etc.).

People will figure out strategies to make use of these URLs.

The simplest one: write it down. It's not like the spelling of Hudong or Zhongguo is obvious when you have only heard it.

Comment Re:ahhh - book scanning (Score 1) 172

A 6mm 12"x9.5" piece of regular (not anti-glare) glass costs less than $10 to get cut. However, I haven't figured out a good way yet to use the glass without damaging the book's spine (while also operating the entire contraption quickly). That's why I want to use "heavy" image manipulation myself.

Comment Re:Starcraft II LAN Petition (Score 1) 520

[P]irate servers will be created no matter what precautions you take. This is a point that has been proven time and time again by other companies seeking to use DRM.

And this is a fallacy made time and time again regarding DRM—that DRM needs to prevent absolutely all piracy ever to be useful for a company.

Comment Re:Not clearly fair use (Score 1) 869

As has been noted by other posters, non-commercial political speech is essentially the most protected form of speech that there is.

Many/most of the posters don't seem to understand though that the point of parody being protected is not so a person can rip off any copyrighted work as long as they're making fun of something, but rather so a person can make fun of the copyrighted work itself. What you quote though—"the original work need not be the sole subject of the parody" and "reasonably could be perceived as commenting on the original or criticizing it, to some degree"—somewhat clarifies things for me.

Comment Re:Not a Bug (Score 1) 225

Regarding the seals: can you mess with them using solvents and glues? Can you figure out the number, leave, create a matching seal and send somebody else in to break it? Can you paste a fake seal over the original to last long enough to add counterfeit votes before detection?

Reading the time limit: can you send in a team of fraudsters who, all together, get enough time to tamper with the machine? Can you distract the poll workers to buy time you or a buddy time?

I won't claim these aren't solvable, but I am interested in answers. (Didn't rtfa, urk.)

Comment Re:New algorithm = more relevant results (Score 1) 129

I also find the way Google drops terms annoying. The problem is that you can't simply add + (plusses) to all your search terms, because then Google won't search for near hits, like words with plurals and misspellings. You may not like that feature anyway, but personally I'm OK with that sort of doctoring of my search results.

Comment Re:Ball Point Pens Destroyed Cursive (Score 1) 921

People should get a roller-ball or gel ink pen. They're much, much nicer (smoother to write with) than ballpoint pens, and nearly as good as fountain pens. They're less messy than fountain pens in my experience. There is variation between brands with respect to ink drying time, water-fastness, and ease of writing. I've got some that dry in 2 seconds, others that dry in 20, etc. So buyers be warned: a single pen won't prove anything about the whole class.

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