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Submission + - Blackboard will acquire Angel Learning 1

edremy writes: The 900-pound gorilla of learning management systems, Blackboard, announced that it will take over Angel Learning one of its last competitors in the commercial arena. Blackboard is well known for buying out (and killing) WebCT, Prometheus and other LMSes as well as sueing Desire2Learn over basic LMS functionality. This leaves behind a few small commercial companies and a variety of open source tools such as Moodle and Sakai which have been growing rapidly.
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Submission + - Are online journals damaging science?

edremy writes: You would think that the availability of powerful search engines and online, full text databases would increase the depth and breadth of science research. According to a paper in this week's Science (Abstract available here) which compares citations for ~34 million papers over the last 60 years, you'd be wrong. Papers written in the electronic age cite newer papers on the whole, and the overall number of papers in a journal that get cited at all plummets. It's not entirely clear why this should be, but the efficiency of modern indices may tend to narrow people's searching: you lose the "Hmm, what's this other article about?" serendipity that helps find those articles that might be useful but not exactly what you wanted.

Submission + - Blackboard wins patent infringement suit (

edremy writes: Learning management system maker Blackboard has won its initial suit against Desire2Learn. Blackboard gets $3.1 million and can demand that Desire2Learn stop US sales.

For those not familiar with the suit, you can get the details here. Blackboard has been granted a patent that covers a single person having multiple roles in an LMS: for example, a TA might be a student in one class and an instructor in another. You wouldn't think something this obvious could even be patented, but so far it's been a very effective weapon for BB, badly hurting D2L and generating a huge amount of worry for the few remaining commercial LMSes that BB has not already bought and open source solutions such as Moodle.

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