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Comment Re:Mobile: The Gathering (Score 1) 78

And considering market share the one is Symbian. doing better than all others.

So going from 60+% to just barely 40% in less than 2 years is "doing better"? Symbian's market share is dropping like a rock.

If you are Symbian, apparently yes :)
Symbian is dead, and rightly so!
The crappiest development platform and API ever conceived.

Comment Re:It is the *only* choice they have (Score 2, Insightful) 319

Nobody thinks about porting WIndows applications to a Mobile OS.
Of course, you have to implement the GUI using the Mobile OS abstractions and functionality.
Win32 and C/C++ libraries and frameworks that exists inside software companies, go a bit beyond the UI.
With Android, they provided the NDK, while iOSX supports C/C++ code natively.
But no, MS and the management du jour following the mobile unit, decided to break what made them appreciated by ISV and software developers in general.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 319

What a smart choice from MS, isn't it?
Neglecting the HUGE Win32 code base which many software companies have, and failing in delivering what has been the best thing MS kept doing in the last 20 years.
Which is Compatibility at Win32 Level.
MS lost it, and not today, and not even yesterday.

Comment Re:PERL went the way of the dodo... (Score 1) 160's too late for PERL. The system and kernel engineers chose to stick with C, PHP ran all over it with less cryptic syntax, and all the web 2.0 "me too" morons are now hacking away in Ruby and Python.

But really, PERL's demise was PHP. Especially since the CLI version of PHP, turning him into a true general purpose language.

Dude, you lost me at PHP.
Perl IS the most widely spread scripting system on a Unix host, after Shell.

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