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Comment Re:Can't make it any worse... (Score 1) 68

That's true! I just looked at for the first time in several years, and it's hopeless. Unbelievably bad. There is absolutely zero value in that declining portal with its huge overhead. Maybe Flickr is worth something -- it used to be -- if they haven't screwed it up beyond recognition.

Comment Re: Will be? (Score 2) 618

This paper is far from established science. It is contrary to the IPCC's and other accepted climate models, without providing the physics to back it up. The strong opinionation, right or wrong, do not belong in a research paper: "There is a possibility, a real danger, that we will hand young people and future generations a climate system that is practically out of their control. We conclude that the message our climate science delivers to society, policymakers, and the public alike is this: we have a global emergency. Fossil fuel CO2 emissions should be reduced as rapidly as practical."

Comment It's Sacred. (Score 5, Insightful) 277

I consider Mauna Kea sacred ground that should be used only for telescopic exploration of the heavens. How can these heretics deny me my constitutional right of freedom of religion? Thomas Jefferson had a telescope, and it was obviously his intent when he wrote the First Amendment that people should be free to practice telescopy in sacred places such as Mauna Kea.

Comment two points. (Score 1) 1839

1. There have been pop culture articles invading Slashdot, probably to generate clicks. This throws away Slasdot's competitive advantage. Don't dilute the good stuff and become CNN or Huffpost. It will never work. 2. If I have something to say, I can often type it in time to get a stupid "slow down cowboy" message. Time between posts is a reasonable limit. But "time to type a post" is counterproductive, ignorant, sexist, racist, and fattening. 3. Did I mention you should lose the off-topic articles?

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