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Comment Brilliant Move! (Score 1) 421

That was just about as stupid a move as a person can make in business. It's likely to have killed any hope they had of success. Denis Grisak might or might not be decent at technical matters, but he should never have any interaction with customers, and probable should not be included in business decisions.

Comment Government Clampdown on Facts (Score 1) 460

A couple of days ago this is was emailed to employees at a federal research facility. Nothing is to be released until the some sort of "Ministry of Truth" is established to filter science. Scary. "Hello again All - Starting immediately and until further notice, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will not release any public-facing documents. This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content. "Please contact Director of Communications xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with any questions about this guidance. Please also transmit to your employees as soon as feasible."

Comment Only now? (Score 4, Insightful) 590

That should have been done years ago. It's stupid to keep something unique, important, and easily duplicated in a single country. The "Trump" point is that some people think he's got a low regard for constitutional rights, and will pack the Supreme Court to this end. This could make it possible (and legal) for the government to effectively revise history by editing the archives.

Comment I doubt it. (Score -1) 191

The paper is behind a paywall, so I can only speculate. I suspect the authors might be confusing weather with climate. The increase in temperature we've experienced so far is minimal when you look at it in terms of geographic latitude. In other words, the climate is a few degrees warmer when you go south a couple hundred miles. This doesn't prevent forest fires in British Columbia or cause them in New Mexico. El Nino has made much more difference lately.

Comment Idiots (Score 5, Informative) 212

Akamai is throwing away a great marketing opportunity and turning it into a huge negative. Why would I move to Akamai, knowing that they'll kick me off their network if I ever have trouble? They're throwing away their primary competitive advantage with one stupid decision.

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