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Comment Re:MUTE, konspire2b, and Jason Rohrer (Score 1) 523

Just tried it; can't connect to any hosts.

One of the hosts in the seednodes.ini is ''. I think that was one of the seed hosts for Konspire too.

I liked Konspire. Got bored with it after a while but it was a really cool idea.

The trouble with P2P networks is that, like instant messaging systems, their usefulness is their technical quality multiplied by their popularity. A lame but widespread P2P network is gonna be more useful than a very cool but unpopular P2P network.

Rohrer seems to be good at publicity. He had Adam Curry geeked about Konspire, and Oliver Willis had a Konspire channel. Now he's got Slashdot and InfoAnarchy all gaga over MUTE. Hope it gets more momentum than Konspire. :)

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