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Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1, Flamebait) 857

And so we get to the crux of why the Left hates Trump. It's cause he says what are perceived as mean things. What is wrong with securing borders? Mexico has a wall on its southern border. Why should the US accept Islamic refugees who are adherents of the religion of violence?

If you want to talk about evil, why not talk about the candidate who is all for shipping US manufacturing jobs overseas and creating new free trade blocs which will result in even more job losses? How about her meddling in the ME which resulted in the formation of ISIS as strongmen dictators were deposed by the US backed rebels. In the resulting chaos, ISIS was formed. And a stream of refugees hit Europe and the US. Why not make the Saudis and other stable regional Islamic nations take the lead in taking in refugees? How does the career politician and her husband (albeit lawyers) build up a family net worth of greater than $500M? Why does the mainstream media air nothing but negative news on Trump and his mean statements while glossing over Hillary's failures as a public servant? Doesn't seem fishy that somehow many GOP politicians are hand in hand with the DNC in endorsing HRC? Doesn't that make you wonder just a little bit if we've slid down into a one party system like China? Doesn't that make the free press and free media become state mouthpieces? What about the Wikileaks revelations? Oh, those are all manipulation from Russia. Well then why doesn't Hillary and the campaign just outright deny them instead of putting the focus on who might have hacked the emails? Who remembers Seth Rich? All these data points and yet so many people will still vote for the blatantly corrupt career politician. I for one still have hope that Trump can drain the damn swamp.

Comment Drain the swamp (Score 2) 437

People are commenting and comparing the GOP and DNC, taking at face value that they are truly separate and non colluding parties. In the past this may have been true but in the run up to the primaries it was very apparent that they are two sides of the same corrupt coin. They are both beholden to the same corporations and dependent on the same lobbying groups for money. Bernie who I initially supported was destroyed by the DNC machine because he wanted real change. Trump was bashed on by the GOP because he wasn't getting in line with the party interests. At this point you'd have to be a fool to vote for more of the same old same old with Clinton. She's gotten tacit and open support from the Bushes! Trump is the only choice to drain the damn swamp or at least attempt to do it.

Comment Service for those who will buy it (Score 2) 170

It's not surprising to me that providers would choose build the high speed infrastructure in areas with the greatest return on investment. Think about it, why poor tons of money into an area where the user density is low and which might never even pay back the cost of the infrastructure? You want to make your infrastructure investments in areas with the greatest numbers of potential users in order to realize the quickest and most sustainable payback on your investment. Then as technology improves and becomes cheaper you can roll the last generation state of the art into your less utilized areas. In this fashion you can sustain and grow your business as technology progresses.

Comment Symmetric mouse (Score 1) 199

A gaming mouse or really any mouse should be bilaterally symmetric. Nothing more I detest than a mouse that's slanted to one side or another. High accuracy optical tracking is helpful as well. Programmable buttons is nice also. And that's about it.

Comment Re:[sigh] (Score 1) 639

The law is the law. Why should it be changed to levy tax at the time of purchase?

Oh let me guess, because the institutionally corrupt government of California is pissing away too much money so they're trying to wring every last dime out of everyone in the state in the most efficient way possible?

Oh change the laws, throw the bums out? Unfortunately most Californians are too stupid to realize that the democrats have gerrymandered themselves into permanent strongholds that are all but impossible to root out. Hence we are stuck with the bums.

The legislature needs to figure out how to live within their means. Cut everything until outflows met inflows.

Comment Re:weird (Score 1) 286

Anything crazy thing can be labeled a religion but that doesn't give it any legitimacy as such.

It's ok to hate the the CCP but to blindly support a crazy bunch of cultists reveals that your real motives are to destabilize and destroy China itself. Given a choice between crazy cultists and the CCP, I'll pick the CCP everytime, just as I would support the Qing government over the Taipings everytime.

FLG followers avoid doctors and routinely set themselves on fire and cut open their own stomachs in search for the spinning wheel they feel after lots of deviant qigong practice. Their deviant practice results in qigong psychosis. Look it up.

What's even more hilarious is you've outed yourself as a turtle but yet call me a 50center. LMAO!

Comment Re:weird (Score 1) 286

Falun Gong is a cult funded by the CIA and Taiwan to delegitimize the CCP. It pretends to have sole ownership of Chinese culture and history.

Falun Gong teaches crazy things that it says is an improvement over traditional qigong. Practicing it will result in serious medical and psychological problems. There are plenty of legitimate orthodox qigong practices out there so I would recommend anyone not to practice Falun Gong.

In short Falung Gong should be stamped out just as the Branch Davidians were in Waco.

Comment Just another reason to not use a cell phone (Score 1) 415

My friends give me a hard time about not owning a cell phone, and yes, it's hard to justify, at least until these gems of corporate malfeasance and fraud present themselves. They wont get a dime of my money. Why subject yourself to fraud? Verizon is quickly completing it's corporate arc and circling the toilet bowl. --edfardos

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