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Submission + - Ephemeral Hosting (

edeefelt writes: A virtual network of browsers actually hosting a web page. When all browsers stop viewing the content, it disappears. Time to see if slashdotting this ephemeral web page can bring it down. I'm currently showing around 4 to 5 hundred people viewing (and hosting) it at the same time. Where to see it:

Submission + - Apparent Technical Glitch Halts Trading on New York Stock Exchange (

edeefelt writes: Trading in all symbols was temporarily halted on the New York Stock Exchange floor Wednesday due to an apparent technical issue.

"NYSE/NYSE MKT has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols. Additional information will follow as soon as possible," the NYSE said in a statement on its status page.

A technical issue caused the trading halt, Reuters reported, citing a source. Trading stopped around 11:30 a.m. ET.

The Nasdaq reported no technical issues and said it continues to trade NYSE-listed stocks.

Comment Re:These are people who still believe Joseph Smith (Score 1) 1277

I would never expect to see such hateful and bigoted comments from anyone who claims to have the intelligence to understand the technical issues of today. The last time I checked Utah State history it was added to the United States of America the same way all other US states were. It's name doesn't even have anything to do with Mormonism but the Ute Indians of the area. Yes, the center of the L.D.S. Church is in Utah, but there are many religions existing there. In fact, Salt Lake City has less than 50% Mormon population. Your brash and angry use of the English language is proof of the weakness and out of control, vacillating, uneducated position of your opinion.

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