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Comment Re:Farm by committee? (Score 2) 117

I think the manager of the farm will have strong control over the options available on the 12 decisions a month. 300k pounds a year could really convince me to put a question out like "What color should we paint the barn?" or "Should we plant 15 or 20 acres of x crop?"

Comment Re:I thought this was a good idea.. (Score 1) 117

Win? Except for the real-life farm which will go under fast (if not subsidized from, say, education funds)

Umm... It is subsidized by 300,000 pounds (~$500,000 in my head) a year by enrollment fees. Secondly, I'm sure the person running the farm can rig the voting system to keep out the really bad decisions. I'm pretty sure options will be much more along the lines of "Should we use organic fertilizer or standard fertilizer?" not things like "Should we burn down all the crops tomorrow?"

Comment Re:Rename the product then... (Score 1) 305

+1 Insightful Agreed, if access to a site is fully blocked, a ISP shouldn't be able to advertise as and ISP. "RWP" or "RSP" (Restricted Service Provider") works fine for me.

The question remains, what should happen if they decided to give priority to a given content provider and all other competing providers at "best effort" or "worst effort". (Best effort means, I will try to comply with your request if I'm not "too busy". Worst effort means I will comply with your request if I have nothing better to do. Both valid computing and networking preferences.)

While you may prefer to call "TalkTalk" "Bye-Bye". I may enjoy the discount I receive from my ISP accepting the low priority of sites that don't wish to pay the toll. It may even be possible that I receive free RSP or RWP service due to the number of content providers that are willing to pay the toll. I may even receive free ISP access, although, I won't hold my breath. I agree with you, truth in advertising. Please agree with me, don't restrict my informed choices.

Comment Re:Carbon neutral? (Score 1) 522

Plants get a lot of their carbon from CO2. That part of the process would be carbon neutral. If the farmers supplement the soil from other sources then its not completely carbon neutral. Plants harvest atmospheric CO2 to make oxygen. If you grow a plant from purely atmospheric CO2 then burn it, you are completely carbon neutral.

If nothing else it is more carbon balanced than simply using fossil fuels.

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