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Comment Ads on Chromecast (Score 1) 168

I often watch YouTube through Chromecast on my TV. The ads are not skippable and cause all sorts of problems for the video that plays afterward (out-of-sync and stuttering). A few months ago, they put up a 30-MINUTE ad. If they think I am going to suffer through a 30-minute ad before watching a 7-minute video, well they would best think again. I wound up shutting the whole thing down and starting over and researching ways to block ads on Chromecast.

Comment Re:Internet of Things (Score 1) 157

If the funding they get is so meager why would it matter if it were cancelled? Our local PBS station (WTTW Chicago) always claims during pledge drives that the funding they receive from government sources is very small compared to donations and sponsorships. For some reason during pledge drives they replace their normally excellent programming with special programming that, in my opinion, is mostly very low quality and I tend not to watch during those two weeks every quarter. If the government funding stopped and they quit with the special programming (except Geoffrey Baer's excellent tour shows) I would probably increase my support.

Comment Auto update (Score 2) 432

I am curious if the Nest has a way to turn off the auto update feature. I do not currently own a Nest but I have thought about getting one. I could see this being a major headache for someone who might be away for a long trip and not be able to "reset" a thermostat because of a problem with an update. I prefer to be around when a device is being updated so that I can intervene if there is a problem. I would want to be home for at least a day or so after an update. I don't allow Windows to auto-update, so why should I allow a thermostat to?

Comment Valmeyer, IL (Score 1) 172

Valmeyer, Illinois was moved after the flood of 1993. I think that a lot of these communities that are mentioned are somewhat smaller than Kiruna. The linked article seems to say that they intend to move the town center farther west, but it is the west end of the town that is in danger of collapse. I would think moving the center farther east would make more sense in this case.

Comment Route around (Score 1) 384

Ever since my local paper went to Facebook comments (and even turns off comments for certain stories), I have wondered how difficult it would be to set up a website that simply has links back to the stories and allows anonymous comments. A browser extension would allow the associated comments from the commenting website to appear beneath the story when one browses to it. Maybe such a thing already exists, but I don't know about it.

Comment Re:The root problem - Crappy wiring and stupid use (Score 2) 148

The operating temperature rating of the cable would likely mean that it is perfectly safe, but would be uncomfortable to hold. For example, THHN cable is rated for 90C. The cable itself is safe (the insulation won't melt), but I sure wouldn't want to hold it. Hopefully, the 2 AWG cable you are using is at least rated for 75C, otherwise it is likely undersized according to the 2011 NEC.

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